Understanding categories of patients

Understand the categories of patients that frequent your office. Lessen your expectations and allow their behaviors to identify them. So many times we say, “that new patient Marie is going to be a great practice member. She really gets chiropractic,”  or, “she cried when she spoke to me.  We really made a emotional connection”. Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t. Much personal power gets wasted putting unnecessary labels and limitations on your practice members.

Which categories frequent your office?

Patient categories Just like with coaching, Category 1s have mentors, or what we like to call Mr. Miyagis in their lives (Karate Kid anyone?). They are always on the lookout for a health Mr. or Ms. Miyagi. They embrace new concepts and ideas, such as wellness or Chiropractic for the whole family. They also enter into relationships and don’t stay isolated. No wonder they refer so many people like themselves!

Cat 2s are in it for pain relief purposes only. Sure, a few of them will morph into 1s, but for the most part you will not see them beyond Condition Based Care. If you push them about bringing in their families or mention wellness care, they will bolt. Accept them for who they are, and with proper patient education and a good relationship, they will complete full Condition Based Care.

Cat 3s. They are not bad people, but they lack the required commitment and involvement to engage at your office.  If you continue to accept them, it signals you are in desperation and you will find growth elusive.

Withhold your expectations and allow people to surprise you. Allow the categories to identify themselves with no judgment from you.  Their behavior, not their words will tell you who they are.