Why chiropractors need a website

Is your website helping your practice?

Update your website! Come on you guys, especially the millennial DCs, keep your beautiful websites up to date! Building it is easy, like building out your office. Now you have to fill your office. Make sure your website is connected to your professional (not personal) social media also. Having a website is of course, the first step. Building a website is a one and done. It’s 2015! If you don’t have a website, you’re the odd man out. It’s common. Keeping it current is a totally different thing; that’s uncommon. Show that your office is in a category of one, a community, not a commodity. Feature pictures, blogs, and testimonials, both written and video.

Recently, we were checking up on a red hot DC and couldn’t help but notice the last blog was posted months ago. No matter how great your website was when you paid someone to design it, you must keep it current. That’s the only ingredient that helps your practice grow. The design of your site is like all the tests you took in school: necessary, but it has nothing to do with your success in practice. Everyone in the world has a website, it must be updated and linked to keep relevant. Something as simple as not updating your web page decreases visibility or Google Analytics and buries you on the 30th page of a Google search. Why, truly, do you have a website? To be like everyone else and not produce results, or to get new patients? Don’t be fooled by social media likes, comments, and retweets. The measure is how many new patients are driven to your office via your website. Get practice members and their social communities involved with your social community.