What Millennials Want From YOU

You’ve hired a web site designer and a digital marketer, you pay for search engine optimization (SEO), etc., but your practice is no different than before. A lot of your time and money have been put into doing all of this. You are frustrated because you’ve paid for someone to perform a service and, while they did a great job, it just didn’t translate into more patients or income.

Remember, just because you hired someone to help you achieve a goal doesn’t mean that it will be reached.

You’ve tried to reach Millennials in many different ways, using many different vehicles and channels of communication. However, just because you attempted to reach Millennials doesn’t mean that you have connected with them. This connection is important because, without it, you remain irrelevant to them.

Chiropractic is not on the radar for Millennials. This demographic is flooded with choices for back pain relief. Fully insured physical therapists, supplements, massages, and Reiki are all options that may be sought after before even entertaining the idea of Chiropractic.

Getting more low-quality new patients is not what your office (or any office) needs. If you want quality, you have to communicate quality. Results speak for themselves.


Millennials want uniqueness!

The presence of neurological diseases and disorders for the kids of Millennials and Gen X’s are at an all-time high. Millennials and Gen X's are eagerly searching for results when it comes to the health care needs of their kids. They spend billions of dollars on nutritional supplements and food restrictions and do everything possible to help their kids, but still see limited success.

If you can identify yourself as a different type of DC, you will attract Millennials into your office. Once your ‘new’ identity is discovered, the Millennials will do what they do best: they will share. They’ll post about you and their experience to social media. This is HUGE and will help your practice in ways you cannot imagine.


Here’s what you can do: offer three types of care

Offer condition based, correction, and wellness care. Accept difficult cases that others won’t and push yourself to get the results that others can’t. When you’re speaking the language of neurological impairment, you are not going to see clinical results after a few adjustments. It’s a journey, not a pit stop on the route.

Make your office pet-friendly. Having a dog dish with water in the waiting room is a great start. How about a welcome mat with paw prints?

Regularly communicate both online and in-person about your uniqueness. Do you see children? Do you handle difficult cases? How about pregnancy? How about sharing (with permission) testimonials from other Millennials and Gen X’s?

The vehicles of communication constantly change, but the principles don’t. Blending in is the kiss of death with Millennials. You need to communicate the right message to the right people.