Incredible Changes!


Do you get testimonials like this?

"Our daughter was born in a very fast delivery without any difficulties at all. However, very early on she developed a variety of health issues and concerns. Latching issues, multiple ear infections, upper respiratory infections, Colic/Reflux, severe constipation that required enemas (first 4 months), Primitive reflex s and more. Visits to the emergency room became very common. Antibiotics and other medications became part of a repetitive ritual that seemed to only bring temporary relief. In addition to these health issues, we noticed changes in her behavior (aggression), personality, sensory processing, and sleep. These changes were tough on a daily basis and gave us concern regarding her future. Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and a variety of other diagnosis were given to us. We became very determined to find a way to help our daughter. We were seeing an Occupational Therapist as well as a special doctor to prescribe special supplements. We saw some changes with all these therapies, but not quite a much change as we expected. A friend recommended looking for a pediatric chiropractor. The concept was very new to us but we were willing to try anything. Now at eight years old, our daughter has started care with Dr. Ofek. and We noticed significant positive changes in a short period of time. After only a few weeks of care the frequency of  wetting her bed dropped significantly, which had been a daily routine that required her to wear diapers. Her sensory processing has improved as well. Her Occupational Therapist even asked me about what we have been doing differently lately, because he’s noticed positive changes! We have been getting chiropractic care for a few months now and are still constantly seeing improvement. I am excited and hopeful about my daughter's future and definitely consider chiropractic care to be an integral part of this future. By the way, I now see Dr. Ofek and my mom sees him as well. We are seeing improved health and wellness in ourselves, too."

Remember when you were a student dreaming of helping kids like this eight-year-old?   When you were in school, you had BIG dreams about Chiropractic and all that it could do for people.  But now that you're out of school, that dream and optimism have disappeared. Things like insurance limitations, administrative headaches, billing software and paperwork minutia, have forced DCs to settle. Leaving them to only treat adult musculoskeletal problems.  There is nothing right or wrong about it.  But, those cases cause you to lose your MOJO, your passion for Chiropractic, and the people that you want to help. So you start playing it safe, small, limited, and do what insurance companies tell you to do.


So many DCs want to know how to attract high-quality patients, get great clinical results, and get paid handsomely for taking care of cases that they want to pursue.  The problem is, that they don't know how, and it seems impossible because the current situation they find themselves in. They think to themselves, "where do I find them?", or, "how do I get those kinds of results?", or, "no insurance will cover this!"

Well, believe it or not, it's not impossible.  Everyone seems to want DCs to blend in and be average.  Meanwhile, we get phone calls, emails and social media queries about wanting to be extraordinary, and how to become a once in a lifetime DC.

Millennials and Gen X'ers are looking for DCs that can produce results that nobody else can. For parents, their children's health is primary, not an afterthought.   It comes before business, school, activities, sports, etc  Because the needs of their kids come first, they are very willing to go outside of insurance coverage if it means they are getting the best results possible.

When you are ready to give up the outdated way of practicing like driving an Oldsmobile, and are ready to step up to practice like driving a Tesla, TNR will be here.


Welcome to the big leagues!

Dr. Kevin, out!