Out of Fair Exchange? Not with Dr. Kevin!


Discover the surprising connection between being out of fair exchange and producing poor results

      You have the same degree that every other Chiropractor has and yet, in the back of your mind, there is a nagging question: do you produce great results? So many Chiropractors are okay with producing average results and may not find themselves wanting more. But, regardless of your position, being out of fair exchange and not producing results reinforces each other and forms a negative feedback loop. 

      Some offices hover around a retention level of eight or fewer visits and, in doing so, the clinical results are adversely affected due to the brevity of the recommendations.  Insurance companies and commitment disabled patients are teaming up to limit Chiropractic to adult neck and back sprain.

How can DCs once and for all get out of this trap? 

      Which came first the chicken or the egg?  If you were a personal trainer and people would not show up to train, don’t you think their results would be affected? How about if the trainer didn’t recommend enough workouts to get in shape? Both of these scenarios yield the same result…or lack thereof. 

      For many DCs, this is a conundrum that they just can’t find an answer for. Here’s some refreshing news: while the rest of the profession is going toward a gym fee type of membership and unlimited care for peanuts, TNR offices are having MORE people pay out of pocket expenses for MORE care.

How can this be?

      Even though the majority does something one way, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right way. Sometimes challenging the majority brings you to a better conclusion.

Instead of lowering your recommendations or your fees, how about asking for more commitment from your patients? Achieving greatness requires commitment.

Those who have gone through the process may have found it difficult or inconvenient; however, when they look back on it, they feel a great deal of pride. Believe it or not, more commitment equals better results.

Stand up for your clinical results. You know that your next patient’s lack of health stems from something that took place years to decades ago. It has clinically manifested and requires more than a few adjustments to bring the person towards the realm of health.

Health is a process and so is the absence of it. People will always pay for quality and results. Being in fair exchange and producing results is a choice.  It always has been, and it always will be!