There must be a better way.


I love my office, the head doctor, and the patients, but as an associate, things just aren't clicking for me financially.   Being a Chiropractor is all I've ever wanted to do, but nobody told me about the "economics" of being a newer practitioner.  It's almost an 'unspoken secret' in our profession.   I earn $500 before taxes per week...this just ain't cutting it.

My spouse says "don't worry about it, when we have children you can just switch to having a part time practice...that way you don't have to work so many hours for so little pay." He thinks it's silly to think that other DCs with the same degree are earning multitudes of what I am and having a ton of fun!   By the way, he doesn't have a lot of respect for Chiropractic and only gets adjusted when he is in pain!


We hear many variations of this theme over and over at TNR.   The great debate between having a family and being successful.   Most think it's either or.   At TNR, it's both or nothing.  Living out of 'fair exchange' is painful, exhausting and overwhelming.   So many talented and caring DCs cave and allow patients to 'walk all over them'.   Whether it's recommendations, treating kids, wellness, or treating difficult cases, they allow their patient's opinions to run their offices.

Spoiler alert: most of your patients don't really know anything about health.

They have a Ph.D. in disease, but they don't really care about HEALTH until they get sick.  Society has conditioned and programmed peoples beliefs into thinking that there is a quick-fix to everything. So when they get sick, they look for a solution in pill-form.

If we let their expectations color the way things need to be done, results plummet and we get frustrated because we know better...and they don't.   People don't tend to pay for results they can get somewhere else!

Be in a category of your own, so no matter how many DCs are in your area, you will stand out. When a DC rediscovers their confidence and their self-worth to their patients, something happens in all areas of their lives...its called TRANSFORMATION.   What was once difficult or impossible is now easy!

Everything in your life begins to work like never before.   New patients, staff, economics, patients, spouses, kids seem to now cooperate with you instead of always offering resistance. Some of your patients will adopt the mantra of "RUN MY CARD" instead of the usual stalling tactics of "I can't afford it", or "I'll have to ask my spouse", etc.

If you are the type of DC that has always suspected there is an untapped potential within and are willing to do the work to realize this potential, there is a better way.   A much better way.

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