Do you have Pts who are commitment disabled?


The Invisible Factor that Determines Your Success


/kəˈmit/ verb: committed

  • To pledge or obligate one’s own self. To give over to another for a purpose such as care or safe keeping.


/inˈvälvd/ adjective: involved

  • Connected by association or participation


/ˈint(ə)rəstəd/ adjective: interested

Showing curiosity or concern about something or someone; having a feeling of interest; an interest in sports

The truth is that there are more involved and interested people in the world than committed. Any demographic, any age, any location, same ratio applies. Did you notice that committed is the only verb in the group (taking action)?

Chiropractors truly want to help people, but they sometimes miss the opportunity to help those on the lower rungs of commitment. It creates so much frustration for us as DCs.  Non-committed people always offer resistance to those who are attempting to help or present opportunities for them.

They don't mean to, but they are in a way commitment disabled. 

    They view the world as dangerous, dark, and risky, so they tend to do things they feel comfortable with and don't take risks or opportunities. In other words, they play it safe even if it means not achieving results.

How many people do you know that would rather be sick, suffering or in pain, rather than start care in your office? 

They accept their circumstances with no hope of improving them. Even relatives for goodness sakes? It's that emotionally painful for them, and it handicaps them from doing great things. They stay inside their comfort zone. The resistance takes the form of "I can't."

I can't afford it, does insurance cover it; I'll have to ask my spouse (translation I can't make a decision), it will never work, etc.

A personal trainer and their client must be mutually committed. If they aren't, they won't get results...end of story. The secret ingredient is that the client has to be WILLING (as opposed to understanding) to enter into a relationship with another person who has a shared interest in a common goal.

Instead of getting angry with commitment disabled people...

The solution is (counterintuitive as it may appear) to increase our own commitment levels. Much like a great dog, even to abusive owners, they are devoted and give their best effort, regardless of how the owner behaves.

Each week TNR receives communication from DC after DC complaining that their patients never get it, are cheap, insurance dependent and don't want wellness or to bring in their kids. Here's the secret: you attract the type of patients that are most similar you, like it or not.

Another counterintuitive concept.

What does being all into Chiropractic look like? When a DC wants to be recognized and rewarded for Chiropractic, it's crucial that they step up their commitment BEFORE they can ask their patients to step up.

How about being committed to Chiropractic?

InterestedIt’s okay, but I am only willing to put in so much effort. What can I get out of Chiropractic? Very low levels of commitment and it shows by market value. Year One DCs earn $38,000 (a year, not a month!). Their language is peppered with external reasons for smallness like poor insurance coverage; their spouse doesn’t believe in Chiropractic, there’s a huge Chiropractic office right down the road, the list goes on. Interested DCs are willing to slave away as an associate or independent contractor…it’s less effort.

InvolvedI really like being a DC, but people always seem to be scheming about insurance coverage, they never seem to get the big picture. All my patients are reluctant to commit to bringing in their kids, especially for wellness. I love Chiropractic, but deep inside, I do not trust in it. Maybe it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. There seems to be a lot of partial commitment in this office. Insurance coverage stops most of this DC’s patients cold. Practice is too difficult for them to really be devoted to Chiropractic.

CommittedI’m all in. When a patient enters my office, it almost doesn’t matter what they enter with (or without). My patients will always get my best effort. Like a great dog, this DC is loyal and devoted to all their patients, including those that are sometimes a bit cranky when they first arrive. For these Chiropractors, no matter what the appearance of the problem is, they never focus on it. They always focus on the solution.

When a DC wants to be recognized and rewarded more from Chiropractic, it’s crucial for them to step up their commitment before they can ask their patients to step up. Are you ready to be committed?

Are you ready to be committed? If you are, I need to hear from you.

I will get to know you, tell you if I can help you and walk you step-by-step through the process. With someone in your corner, you can accomplish anything!

Looking forward to your call!