What they didn’t teach you in Chiropractic school

You studied hard, passed your boards, and perfected your technique but you weren’t prepared for the resistance from the people you’re attempting to help. When you were younger, you naively thought people actually wanted to be helped.

What does this resistance look like?

  • People laughing at your recommendations.
  • Missing appointments.
  • People not referring.
  • Unhealthy people dictating to you the conditions.
  • Not willing to pay out of their pocket for care.
  • Don’t bring their kids in for care.
  • Not willing to participate in wellness care, only adult, pain relief care.

What does the average DC do?

They agree with the problem and never understand it’s not the solution. Playing the numbers game of plowing through an endless stream of new patients is the problem. It’s simply not sustainable. The solution for discerning DCs is, and always will be, RETENTION and REFERRAL. Not only is having new patients come in for a handful of visits expensive and frustrating, but your people also will never experience the far-reaching benefits of Chiropractic.

Is it time for you to upgrade your office?

What would your office look like if you didn’t have the stress of corralling new patients only to have them quit after a few visits? Pain relief only is a dead-end street. If you are proud of your practice just the way it is, keep telling yourself its okay as your spirit drains. I’m not here to convince or prove to you that you need to upgrade, rather help DCs that are fed up with being average, just getting by or never getting ahead.

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