What you can learn from a trainer

The holiday season is upon us, as DCs what can we look forward to in this upcoming year? Well, the tale of two personal trainers will tell you. There were two trainers on the gym floor and this is what I saw. One was all business. Her client was drenched in sweat; hair looked positively wild, and had a look of “when is this going to be over?” You almost felt bad for her. The other pair was more like friends. They were engaged in a delightful convo, showing pictures to each other, the trainer even took a call during the session, and the client was just going through the motions of lifting weights a child could do. Not a drop of sweat to be found. She had an indifferent attitude towards the workout, maybe even her life, and her results reflected this.

The distinction between these two trainers was profound. One demands your best effort. While you were working out you may have a few choices words for them but never expressed it but one thing is for sure, you got the results you wanted and have something to be proud about.

Looking back, you’ll appreciate this trainer. They helped you get to where you want to be. Yes, the process may have been difficult butthe results speak for themselves.

The other trainer, who is considered friendly and easy, won’t have results that are forthcoming. There was an exhausted and genuine thank you given from the other client to their trainer and then these two retreated back to their cell phones to see if anyone important had called.

Many DCs are asking the second personal trainer to deliver results like the first. It just simply can’t be done. We want to substitute convenience for something that requires more of ourselves to produce results.

Online coaching, marketing, selling, and etc just won’t cut it and bring about transformation.

They are substitutes for your best effort.

Oh, and by the way the fees for the first trainer are much higher than the ‘hire a friend’ trainer.

We have a new member in TNR that admits they spent $3,000 for their virtual coach, someone they never met. Their office increased by$10,000 for the year. That’s less than $1,000 a month or $250 a week. Why be proud of these meager results?

A person who spends does coaching with TNR can expect to earn 3, 5, 10x their current income!

In Chiropractic offices, the gym or in life, you get what you pay for.

In 2019 if you want to explore what your true potential is, contact me and begin your journey!