Where is the…trust?

You put so much time into research for the next whiz-bang software, you have the most up to date digital x-ray, electronic patient records, your office is compliant, and youtrain your staff…but do your patients trust you?

When you look at these things, they may be necessary,  but they have nothing to do with producing great clinical results or lead to practice growth. Many DCs spend upwards of 50% of their week in pursuit of these endeavors!!

All this time, effort, and resources has to come from somewhere and trust us, it does. It comes from patient care!

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your office looks, if your patients don’t trust you, it’s all over.

Contrary to popular belief; clinical competence is only one phase of great patient care.

So many academic or technique proficient DCs lament the frustration of having a patient only come in for a few visits. It isn’t your lack of clinical skills it’s because your patients DON’T TRUST YOU.

What patients say when they don’t trust you:

“I can’t afford it”, “I’m too busy”, “does insurance cover it”, “I’ll have to go home to talk to my spouse”, “I’ll have to ask permission from my MD”, just to name a few.

Even though they sound logical or genuine, they are not.  You triggered their stalling techniques. This stalling comes from when they don’t trust you, they’re confused about something, or the recommendation isn’t sitting right with them.

When you put your priority on communication, relationships of trust, and patient education something magical happens to your practice!

It starts to become ultra-successful and the fun returns.

If your office isn’t where you want it to be or has plateaued, give me a call and let me show you what your office would look like with a complete system of patient education, communication skills and patient care.

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