2019: time to make the CHANGE

Deal or No Deal is back on TV and it’s starring in your office. How many times do you cut corners or make deals with patients in order to be accepted? How many times have you allowed opinions of patients to bother you, long after they’ve left the office?

It seems every time you make an exception it comes back to bite you in the ass. How many times have you bent over backwards, seen patients after hours, and waited for payments only to be burned?

2019 is just around the corner. Take a moment to imagine what your office would look like loaded with patients that cooperated with you, referred a lot of people similar to them, and were very interested in care beyond pain relief. Now picture this, you’re earning $15,000-$25,000 MORE each month, with the same amount of hours and no more selling of modalities, rehab, or bright shiny objects.

It is estimated that up to 50% of office resources are dedicated to compliance, record keeping, and insurance billing. All this time, energy, and focus has to come from somewhere, which it does. It comes from patient care.

If you’re a DC that wants to help kids, see difficult cases, and wellness care beyond pain relief, you have a difficult decision to make:

Forget about how you really want to practice and become a salesman of everything that will get reimbursed via 3rd party pay

Or you can stubbornly cling to the way you choose to practice and lower your expectations and lifestyle.

Ancient wisdom says when you are given 2 choices by society, choose the third!

What if you could practice the way you choose AND have a great income and lifestyle? Many doctors believe that if you want to be a family DC there is sacrifice involved.

The only sacrifice is letting go of people who won’t accept your guidelines.

When you’re desperate or have lack of conviction, you forget the value you bring to the table. You allow chaos in your life because you’re trying to be all things to all people.

When you attempt these people pleasing ways bring a deeprooted resentment and regret towards the people you serve.

When you have clear lines via your patient education, procedures, quality new patients, and all of your writing/marketing, peoplewill be attracted to your unique message.

2019 is about to be upon us. Will next year be more of the same or will it be the year you change your life for the better?

Doing more of what didn’t work in 2018 will increase your economic woes and frustrations.  There is another way without becoming a salesman. 

If you keep doing what you did through 2018 it’s going to increase your economic woes and frustrations. There is another way to practice without becoming a salesperson…the TNR way. Help is closer than you think!

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