Which model will you choose?

Many DCs, unbeknownst to them, are practicing in an outdated model. This model continually asks more and more of the doctor yet gives them less and less. 50% of the week’s activities are record keeping, compliance issues, insurance paperwork, and etc. Symptom reduction and pain relief will probably always have a place in our chaotic society but the vitalistic paradigm is being embraced by more people. They’re tired of the effects of waiting for health to fail in kids and adults.

Having an office that embraces vitalism really stands out among other DCs. Millennials and Gen X parents demand this type of care. Have three types of care: condition, correction, and wellness. Seeing people from birth the emphasis is always on health and wellness and prevention instead of waiting for symptoms and then applying treatment.

You will help more people and see incredible miracles every day but you become much more than a doctor to your patients, you are in the fabric of their lives.

You make a huge difference.

 If health is really our most important asset lets get some validation from two familiar fields:

Physical fitness and education.

 If you instill physical fitness values into young people, they tend to stay active all of their lives. Imagine restricting physical fitness to only adults. Believe it or not, teaching kids about fitness is a recent thing. The kids Gymboree’s, which are so plentiful now, were laughed at when they first came out. People laughed because they knew only adults exercised. This oversight of society creates an entire nation of overweight individuals that could have been prevented.

When a love for education and not just going to school is developed early a child will carry that passion into their adult years. Imagine restricting education to only adults, no one would stand for it. We don’t send our kids to school because they’re dumb, it’s to make them smarter.

How can we as Chiropractors actually agree with outdated and under informed lawmakers, DCs, and boards that believe Chiropractic should be restricted to adults?

It’s okay if some DCs want to voluntarily restrict their scope to just adults but they should not be interfering with others of superior training, mindset, and connection to people who want to make a real difference when it matters most…in childhood.

When you are healthy it’s not a matter of the absence of symptoms. It’s so much more than that. Your overall orientation to the world is different. Everyone you interact with sees an improved version of you.

You’re more cooperative, tolerant, compassionate, less violent, and less selfish.

There is an air of urgent involvement with the next generation. I have noticed with TNR members that they become involved with Love Has No Color and they care for kids that aren’t their own. There are few excuses you hear from DCs that are in our program. They know they have to do the right thing. It isn’t driven by profit but by the humanitarian view that benefits everybody. It’s an effect, not the cause because it’s extremely successful.

 Foster care, similar to the disease model, provides food, shelter, and clothing for the kids but they don’t get that something extra. They miss the parents that are dedicated to them and help them to become the best version of themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with which model you choose to practice, but remember…you have a choice!  

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