Are you lacking in humility?


In a world of extravagant excess, celebrity status, and self-importance is everywhere online and offline. One of the rarest treasures is when a person is at the top of the food chain but is humble and not consumed in their abilities. John Paul Jones, of Led Zeppelin, said it wasn’t about showing people how good of a musician he was, he used everything he had to make the sound great and wanted to create that once-in-a-lifetime experience at every concert. I wanted the people to look back fondly and remember every concert for the rest of their lives.

Have you ever met a similar person? Someone who has a once-in-a-lifetime ability, helps so many people, and retains their humanity?

 They are rare indeed.

In our self-indulgent, celebrity-obsessed, and digital world some of the most talented people choose humbleness. They don’t want to brag and have worldwide exposure. They’re content with their ability and credit over popularity.

To know them is to discover joy.

Think back to the last time you saw a specialist. Did it feel like there was an ivory tower arrogance? It’s almost like you’re getting to see a king or queen and that you better, quickly, understand how lucky you are.

Truth be told, most of these self-appointed people are obnoxious and you can’t stand being in the same room. Opinionated about things they know nothing about, they are a legend in their own minds.

Many DCs have lost their reverence for Chiropractic. It shows from the declining income and complaining (bitching) about all of their problems instead of serving people to the best of their ability. The sacredness of serving people at a high level of excellence has been replaced by letting other factions like insurance companies, society members, and regulating bodies that tell us how to practice.

How can a year one DC be expected to earn an allowance instead of a rock star’s income?

The most memorable people I have met in Chiropractic have all shared this quality, of humility, in common. In their early years though, it may have been more about them, their income, cars, house, and their own needs over the patients.

But if they kept their love of Chiropractic alive or had someone in their life that was guiding them, they were able to turn away from the business model of profit over people to the humanitarian one. Maturity and humility entered as self-importance exited.

In The New Renaissance, I have helped every type of personality there is. It seems like the more successful a DC gets, the more humble they become. This is because our system is built on a humanitarian model, not a business platform.

If you think our profession of Chiropractic and the world at large could benefit from more humility…it’s time to take the plunge! Set up a video chat or phone call and let’s discuss your increased success. You can also try out the program for FREE for 30 Days, seize this offer before it ends. To fill out the Ambition Scorecard and start your journey, click here.