What about Poplar, MT?


It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of being a DC. There’s the office, the staff, your family, being constantly on the lookout for new patients, and financial pressures (just to name a few) all visibly and invisibly begin to take their toll. If you’re not careful, Chiropractic can be reduced to a business only activity just to earn income. You lose your connection to humanity. “Sciatica, room 3” instead of “a person in room 3 who happens to have sciatica”. You lose your direction and ability to serve people and Chiropractic becomes just like medicine. The passion evaporates and is replaced by the cold and indifferent business model that puts profit over people.

It has been my experience that there are a growing number of qualified and caring DCs who are out of the fair exchange and are going just going through the motions and losing their MOJO.

This loss of love for Chiropractic, for the most part, happens insidiously until your practice doesn’t give back to you. You may even start to resent the very people you serve. No matter how you’re doing, well or not so well, the feeling is the same. Where did the excitement and adventure go?

Almost all the DCs I have helped ask for the same thing, more new patients and income. That’s the EFFECT of losing your passion for Chiropractic.

Not the cause.

You see DCs obediently marching towards the next digital solution to their practice woes, these online “solutions” tell you to look at the external factors, never what’s on the inside. The marketing sharks circle around the wounded DC and come up with another diet, fitness plan, or way to make more income by doing less.

In our heart of hearts, we know that all sustainable change must come from the inside, yet we continued to be fooled because we’re in a situation we can’t get out of.

It’s understandable that DCs who are unfamiliar with Love Has No Color are skeptical about how this can help their office. “What does being involved with helping Native American children on a Reservation in Montana have to do with me” is what we usually hear.

For 14 years and counting, we have been restoring hope, health, and dignity back to the kids of the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana. DCs report personal bests, record months of income, new patients, AND (most importantly) their practices start being fun again.

The surprising thing for DCs new to our program is we don’t help the kids to help our offices. We help the kids because it’s the right thing to do. The effect of helping people is that we are helped.

You’ll see better clinical results as well as more meaningful relationships with your patients. The quality of your patients is dramatically higher and they love being a part of your office. You won’t have to sell to them; they’ll want to be a part of your office.

They trust you based on who you are and what you stand for.

Not only is your practice exponentially better, but your family life also improves.

The Native Americans have an expression; we are all one people. In Chiropractic, the biggest factor that keeps us separate is isolation.

To be the best version of yourself, you must be ignited by passion all the time.  Too many great DCs think they can just keep doing what they are doing and that’s enough. It’s not.  If serving people is not the reason for your best effort, find something that is.

Long-term members of our coaching group proudly proclaim that being a part of these kid’s lives is one of the best things they have ever done!

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