DON’T give the people what they want!!

What a male DC doesn’t want you to know…seems like a funny thing to say, but is it? Why is there such a discrepancy in income, people served, owning a practice vs. being an associate, purpose, and freedom in practice?

Many female DCs would argue of a dormant and stubborn gene that exists in most males. They usually don’t give up easily, want things done their way, and have a way of getting what they want. Truth be told, these genes also exist in females; but is often covered up by people pleasing behaviors, wanting to be socially accepted, and letting others tell you what to do.

It’s the old battle of nature vs. nurture. Your true ability and destiny as opposed to what society deems as good and natural. To be successful, you have to choose which is more important to you.

What it comes down to is the ability to say no to things that don’t meet your needs.

Having a hobby practice or one that doesn’t reward you financially isn’t in your best interest, your family’s, or your patient’s.

When you accept the mediocre and allow people to push you around, something inside of you dies. After all, you are the doctor and the patient is well…the patient.

One thing about females is they will ask for help whereas males tend to be okay with being lost.

When you have a trusted person in your corner amazing changes will happen. You’ll be guided to be a leader rather than a pushover in your office.

You’ll develop communication skills that will transform friendship into leadership. Your patients will accept recommendations, give referrals, pay inside or outside of insurance, and want to participate in their health and your office.

When you have a complete system in place you office with work with each patient instead of trying to be all things to all people.

If you’re okay with your current situation, there’s no need to set up a video chat or call. If however, it’s the right time in your life to practice on your terms, I look forward to getting to know you and your vision. Click here or call to schedule your consultation.

You’ll be glad you did!