The holidays; relaxing or stressful?



As the winter and holiday season begins, there is excitement in the air. Maybe you’ll be traveling to see friends and family or they’ll be coming to you. There’s an atmosphere of relaxation but also anxiousness as you prepare for the upcoming New Year. (We know it’s only Thanksgiving…but who else is already looking ahead!?) We know that with all the holidays and events’ coming up it’s easy to lose track of yourself. The New Renaissance wants to remind you that it’s OKAY to think about yourself and your goals for practice. Don’t let fear and anxiousness hold you back from changing your life. It could just make this holiday season more relaxing.

There are a lot of DCs who have realized that school didn’t prepare them for what practice was actually going to be like. These DCs are struggling with the outdated way of practice (seeing adults with pain only). They’re in debt up to their eyeballs, can’t make enough to cover all the bills, and feel their humanitarian spirits are being drained.

A lot of DCs have reached out to different coaches and have been told the same thing; become a salesperson. These other coaches want you to sell everything from rehab, weight loss programs, lasers to vitamins, stem cell, and even own a gym. They preach that if you don’t sell these things and more, that your practice is going to be just average.

At The New Renaissance, we do things differently.

Picture this; you have an office filled with high-quality patients who love you and your office and refer others in just like themselves. And what if you were able to do this inside or outside of insurance?

I have guided more than 1,000 DCs and many of them where in the same position you’re in. They wanted more than just the pain relief model only, they just weren’t sure how to change and if they’d be successful doing it.

Here at TNR, we aren’t going to convince you how to practice. It’s for the discerning DCs who are tired of being a face-in-the-crowd. They want to be ultra successful using PURE Chiropractic.

If you’re ready to start your journey and change your life and practice, click here or call The New Renaissance to schedule a free consultation. It’s time to see difficult cases, kids, and wellness visits. Your future self will thank you!