What’s the expiration date on your practice?


Remember that summer romance many years ago? There was a sense of urgency and a white-hot flame that isn’t present in most relationships or even marriages. You couldn’t get this person out of your mind…even when you weren’t together. As wonderful as this romance was, there was always the looming “expiration date”.  You had to accept the finality of this relationship and you probably never saw that person again.

I’ve noticed that this white-hot romance can be compared to your practice. With coaching north of a thousand DCs I’ve observed that this flame for Chiropractic slowly burns out once they accept that “this is as good as it gets.”

Income, clinical results, and practicing the way YOU choose, all get thrown away in exchange to do what people expect from you. These DCs do what society wants and become the run of the mill pain relief only doctor. Your passion for Chiropractic becomes lost and you’re less enthusiastic about sharing it.

The people pleasing behavior emerges silently and you keep your mouth shut that you have bigger dreams.

 Just like that summer romance, you keep it to yourself. You long for that excitement and passion once again. Many DCs buy into this ‘myth’.

You don’t have to accept this!

TNR DCs don’t subscribe to mediocrity. They are bolder and more adventurous types of people, who don’t ask permission from their family or society to be successful.

They don’t sacrifice anything in obtaining their goals. Being successful is their new way of life and it imprints on everything they touch; from their practice, parenting, marriage, hobbies to being humanitarian, and more.

Most DCs don’t want to form a relationship with a coach because they’ve been burned before or don’t understand the benefits of having someone in your corner can bring. They try to navigate through their problems with life and practice alone.

But with you, it’s different. Right? You understand relationships and communication skills are the keys to success. When they’re integrated into your daily life, you’ll achieve the practice of your dreams. You can accept guidance when you need it most.

If you’re ready to begin your adventure back to why you got into Chiropractic, click here or call to set up a free video or phone chat. You’ll be glad you did!