What’s the real difference between a $100,000 and $500,000 practice?

an obstacle is often a stepping stone

You have the same degree, same title, same tables, and same technique, yet the guy down the street is earning 5x the income you are.  You keep thinking to yourself that you are a much better adjuster than he/she is.   Are you past the naiveté of thinking that some DCs are just lucky that have the right technique, the right location, etc? Maybe he/she is using a social media campaign on steroids, does screening 7 days a week and has only wealthy patients.

 The truth is, this DC is much different than the majority of DCs.  If there’s a single quality that separates us from them it’s that;

They don’t spend time on people who have no intention of coming in for care!

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

They have been trained not to waste time with nibblers, tire kickers, groupon wielding, low-quality people that don’t have high enough commitment levels.

All their new patient attraction, social media marketing, clinical procedures are laser- beam sharp focused on a certain type of person and avoiding the average non-committed, time-wasting patient.

It’s counterintuitive for most of us because we want to help everybody…but you can’t.  Focus on people who want the help, not people who need the help.

By having strategies and systems in place, it’s much like having an air filter on your car’s engine.  It keeps large particles that are harmful to your engine OUT!

Look at all the patients you booked for appointments and they didn’t show.  Think about all the patients that only came in for a handful of visits.

Here’s another source of huge income loss; the time it takes to work up a new patient only to have them laugh at your recommendations.

Why give recommendations to people who have no intention of following them?

The DC who is currently earning the $100,000 doesn’t believe that you can attract a much higher quality of patient.

The $500,000 DC earner knows that you can!

If the time in your life is now to exponentially increase your income by helping people that are a blast to work with, click or call me today!