Who likes awkward conversation? (We don’t!)

You get your nth new patient, and what’s the problem? You guessed it, low back pain. Then you do your earnest job to educate them about how chronic the issue is, you teach them about the layers of injury, and the role of the nerve system…but they do something predictable and leave after a few visits.

As a DC, you work so hard for your office and, through no fault of your own; you assume the only way out of your dilemma is through external factors. Different marketers and coaches may have convinced you that endlessly churning through new patients or buying bright shiny objects will supplement your sagging adjustment income.

What if there was a better way?

Your patients aren’t dumb or stubborn, even though they appear that way at times. It’s they can’t hear you and understand you.

You are communicating to them in a language that is not powerful enough to dent the armor of their medical programming since birth.

They can only hear pain relief and disease, not health and wellness.

You’re at an event outside of the office and you speak with a person you really think you made a connection with and then they never show up.

You make your recommendations and they defer to insurance coverage and they don’t receive all the benefits you know Chiropractic can deliver.

Some examples of Dunkin Donuts language:

When you meet a former patient in a public place like the grocery store or Dunkin Donuts and its AWKWARD! They make small talk and say they were just thinking of you and they’ll be in soon.

“I was just getting ready to call you.”

“I have been looking for a Chiropractor!” Ask them to make an appointment and watch what happens.

“I’ve been going to DCs for years.”

Dunkin Donuts language is free and breezy and doesn’t lead to making decisions.

For those parents old enough to have teenagers or pre-teenagers, there is more serious and a slower cadence you have when your kids have screwed up. They can tell there is a difference in tone that signals this is an important conversation.

Dog owners, you can hear this when people talk to their dogs. Some owners request and ask a dog to obey and others say what they want and the dog obeys.

If you find yourself chit chatting with patients about safe topics like how was your weekend or sports, then you’re not making an emotional connection with them.

What’s the big deal about communicating on a superficial level with patients? Your retention and referral are determined by the emotional connection you make, not necessarily the clinical results.

Many were trained in Chiro School to build a better mousetrap but when you got to practice, you found out the hard way, it’s just not true.

If your people don’t feel connected to you, they won’t trust you.

That’s how DCs get stuck seeing only pain relief instead of kids, wellness, corrective care, and difficult cases.

If the time is right to see what you practice would look like with huge retention and referral, reach out to me.

If you are making emotional connections with your people, each new patient is worth 3,5,10x the income of that same patient walking into the DC down the street. 

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