Why DCs are in conflict with money

How’s your give and take?

The Money TreeAfter meeting so many great young DCs over the holidays, one thing was for sure: MONEY was on their minds. Some of them were newlyweds, others were single looking forward to their careers and having a family. Now mind you, none of them were on unemployment or taking meals at the soup kitchen however, to a doctor, they all mentioned they were out of fair exchange. To be fair, everyone’s version of fair exchange is different, but they all agreed they were better at giving than receiving.

The reason many DCs (and lots of other people, for that matter) have difficulty with their bank accounts is quite simple – they have a rooted, internal resistance to receiving money. It’s deep in their unconscious minds and unless worked upon, that resistance will plague them for a lifetime. Probably just about everyone reading this is aware there is something going on when you ask for money or long-term commitment, whether it’s in your personal life or with patients; you get real uncomfortable, and often, you cave.

But why should you be uncomfortable when you offer patients solutions to their problems and a much higher quality of life? Imagine Apple bending on their fees for a computer or a phone, a college professor giving you license to fail her class, a real estate agent awkwardly trying to justify home prices. A personal trainer giving you lighter and lighter weights deeper into your training.

DCs receiving money know that it’s infinitely easier when it’s the effect of being in service to your patients rather than the cause. You’ve been in those offices where the vibe is an aseptic, cold veneer of profit before people. You feel like your life just didn’t seem to matter to the DC or the staff and they’re simply in it to maximize profit. And that’s okay, but here’s the kicker: you can have both. They are not mutually exclusive! If you are a doctor of excellence or a once in a lifetime DC, people will gladly pay your fees inside or outside of insurance.

Year after year, we get DCs joining TNR who were extremely hesitant about receiving money. Now they confidently ask for and willingly accept far more than they ever thought was possible.

What changed?

They started to value their uniqueness. They began to appreciate the time, effort, training it took, and continues to take to be once in a lifetime DCs. Our TNR DCs continually have skin in the game and they stand before their patients in truth. Nobody else can duplicate what you do. If you see families, provide three types of care, see children, and tackle cases most DCs knees get weak at, your value only rises. Not only is it easier to ask for money, it becomes natural.

And the most beautiful thing is that you remain humble and connected to people by truly being committed to their welfare. An idea that is almost unheard of in today’s virtually obsessed society.

Being in balance with giving and receiving surely keeps regret and resentment at bay. So many established DCs feel they are out of balance because they gave more than they have received. Don’t let others tell you about your value. Without health, nobody is going anywhere. Regardless of technology, you still have to be healthy to use it. If you’re giving your all to Chiropractic, Chiropractic will give it’s all to you.