A big secret to making a change!


For over two decades I have been guiding Chiropractors to increased levels of success. An important thing I’ve observed is that it’s difficult to change without your spouse being on board!

Whenever one person in a relationship makes significant changes in their lives, the other person needs to be on board and supportive of those changes.

For example, if a female suddenly starts to outearn her husband, there may be trouble in paradise. It may take the form of overt or subtle behavior.

If a Chiropractor suddenly turns a ‘just getting by’ practice into a goldmine, there will be a new behavior directed toward them that may be positive or negative.

Another example is if you come from a family where everyone smokes or is overweight, good luck stopping smoking or losing weight if the rest of the family isn’t changing or being supportive.

Too many times we incessantly complain about the other person. Be it a practice member, our spouse, our kid, the government, or people in our community.

To have exponential growth in your life requires making the necessary changes in yourself and having the support of your spouse.

It’s also so important to receive independent input from a person you trust who can and will say no to your ideas and behaviors that are sabotaging your practice and will guide you to make the changes necessary to see exponential growth.

Not accepting help is arrogant and narcissistic. Don’t be stuck thinking everything you do is always right.

Do yourself and your family a big favor and reach out to me if you are ready to get down to it…finally!

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