Why don’t your patients follow your recommendations?

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Why don’t your patients follow your recommendations?

 You really get excited when you see your appointment calendar filled with lots of new patients. You don’t get excited when they quit after one visit or don’t comply with your recommendations. What happened?

 The reasons why this happens may include:

  • The patient doesn’t understand what Chiropractic is
  • They are looking for something for nothing
  • They have low commitment levels
  • They want simple solutions to complex problems
  • They are insurance dependent
  • They have a low value for Chiropractic

A personal trainer knows what it takes for clients to get fit once again; the opinions of the out-of-shape clients don’t matter.

Our practice members have their opinions and another opinion is foisted on the unsuspecting Chiropractor by insurance parameters. Most Chiropractors stay on this hamster wheel for their entire careers. 

They just don’t see any way out. Continuing to run in the hamster wheel is nuts.

The solution is and always has been:

  • Forming relationships of trust with each and every practice member
  • Educating every new patient about Chiropractic
  • Being more than a pain relief only Chiropractor

Attempting to appeal to all people is simply exhausting.

 Welcome open-minded people who have the ability to embrace and accept new concepts.

Welcome back respect into your life and office.

If you feel like you're on a hamster wheel and are looking for solutions, click on the button at the top of the page. I would love to help you find those solutions.