Lost Causes Are Not Hopeless Cases

Lost and found

Over the years I have seen many Chiropractors who just can’t realize this fact. They may be swimming in wealth or poverty, but their lives are chaotic. They are always quick to offer stories and excuses that hold onto the exact things they don’t want in life. How can this be?

Chiropractors have 9 years of college education under their belts, yet most insist that more information, data, a new billing system, or digital marketing schemes will solve their problems.

Or maybe they think a new technique, new location, new partner, or new initials next to their name will help.

These things won’t and can’t solve their problems.

Their perceptions of themselves had been damaged a long time ago and all the education, money, and possessions won’t change a thing. They simply add an expensive veneer on top of a rotting foundation.

Somewhere, somehow, they lost themselves; yet they pour themselves into helping others. Doing this may serve to distract them, but the hollowness remains. A raw sense of loneliness, hopelessness, and despair haunts them.

When these ‘lost causes’ discover themselves and claim back their authentic voice, miracles happen.

Their own spouses are amazed. Their parents are mystified. Friends can’t explain it.

It’s like they are a new, better version of themselves.

How can a Chiropractor seeing a handful of people a day begin to see hundreds of people a week or even in a day?

How can an associate who earns a few hundred dollars a week start earning 30, 40, or 50 thousand dollars a month as an owner?

It’s called transformation and it’s the TNR way.

Always has been, always will be.

There are no such things as lost causes, only people who won’t do the work to transform their practices and their lives.

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