The Hidden Factor That Drives the Engine


For over two decades, Chiropractors have asked me to fix their practices and restore order in their lives and families. The drawback that I had encountered with almost all of these situations is they had lost their MOJO.

 Either they were being pushed around by someone at the time or they had been in the past. Someone (or many) had taken advantage of them, betrayed them, or treated them unfairly.

It usually is not a single incident that happened to them. They had accumulated layers of disappointments, letdowns, and letting others run all over them that created an environment of negativity and lost optimism; which ushers in a gloomy future.

The slights can be major or minor; the effects are always major.

You can change your software, increase your digital marketing, and change your technique, and you will be right back where you started.

More letters next to your name won’t help either.

Band-aids are not healing. There are no simple solutions to complex problems.

It’s easier to turn to substitutions and imitations instead of restoring the MOJO.

You can’t buy MOJO. It has to be developed, much like a foreign language or music ability.

These Chiropractors had untold stories; telling these stories changed their lives.

What’s your story?

I love hearing from Chiropractors that still know they have what it takes; they just need help in finding it.

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