An Unexpected Call

An Unexpected Call

I received an unexpected call from a former member. She had become lost and depressed about being a Chiropractor, her real principles, and the purpose and meaning of her life.

 Every day she has pressure put on her by her husband, parents, and siblings to roll up her sleeve and get with the program. She was just blindsided by finding out her husband had succumbed to pressure and was vaccinated without telling her, and he is insisting that the kids be vaccinated too. He says he is their parent, too, and he can make decisions for them as well.

I asked her how things were pre-Covid and she said she thought things were okay; not great, but okay. Busyness was the order of the day with kids, activities, responsibilities, other people’s expectations, and, of course, the practice. They had drifted apart but were kept together by the immediate order of the day: KIDS. I explained to her that Covid did not invent the difficulties she’s facing, it just exposed those difficulties and forced her to see what was really going on. Her life was turning beige and was spiraling out of control. Dutifulness and tiredness had replaced her sense of adventure, mystery, and fun. She was bored and just going through the motions.

Each of us, male or female can see parts of us in the above story. It seems to happen suddenly, like a heart attack, but it is usually the accumulation of accepting compromises, not serving in the highest capacity, and generally not showing up. TNR is all about living without regrets and apologies, and understanding that most won’t do the work involved to become a leader or creator of masterpieces rather than junk.

If you need guidance to get back on track and are willing to do the work involved, we need to talk. I love helping Chiropractors reclaim their purpose, passion, and prosperity. Click on the button at the top of the page to set up a free consultation.