What Do You Tell Your Kids?

What do you tell your kids

What do we, as Chiropractors, tell our kids? Do we tell them we can’t protect them or we need extra outside-in protection? Do we tell them their body’s immunity is insufficient and must be supplemented with a more advanced, all-knowing scientific chemical branding?

 Some kids continue to think that a nuclear weapon has been detonated. Others wonder why they are being punished, why do they need to wear masks, and why are they being lied to by their parents as well as a new angry force we haven’t seen before: a totalitarian government.

 “Won’t anybody tell us the truth?”

“Is this real or is this a hoax?”

Many are afraid their mothers and fathers will lose their jobs because they won’t go along with everyone else. What happened to freedom?

They search the internet and read the same angry force that says kids are 99.9% exempt from ever getting this strain of flu. Yet their whole lives are disrupted: school classes are on Zoom and sports and social activities are completely altered. Being under house arrest will have emotional and mental prices to pay that the world isn’t taking into consideration. This plandemic has taken front and center in their lives.

How can all of this be true when it’s 99.9% irrelevant? Who is really running this show?

Learning is way, way down the list. And so is telling the truth.

Are you initiating your kids to cave and comply with injustices or to do the right thing even when it’s unpopular or inconvenient? Are you unwittingly showing them how to look the other way and just comply to get the pressure off?

Have your kids come home and told you about how much hate, opposition, and being made fun of they have been exposed to for the simple reason they know about health. Being a Chiropractor’s kid is not always easy, especially when our country is at war with its citizens about true health.

They are ostracized for practicing health and not drinking the Kool-Aid of disease.

Healthy kids are being shamed for not being good comrades.

What are you telling your kids?