The Time Has Come!

It's time

It’s time for Chiropractors of principle to become leaders in their communities and speak their truth in a powerful way.

 No, it’s not the time to fall on your own sword (lose your license, proselytize on social media, etc.), become a martyr, or become a despised and hunted critic of the hoax and all of the compromised freedoms and liberties stolen. 

Domination at the expense of choice (freedom) is an old game we’ve seen before. It’s like ‘meet the new boss, he’s the same as the old boss.’ We’ve seen this movie and we’ve seen the ending too. Fighting against lies doesn’t get the job done. Staying in your own lane does. Demonstrate your leadership in health for all that still have eyes to see and a heart that feels.

 Whenever we see force, mandates, oppression, and tyranny being used as enforcement, we know we’re being deceived. Choice has been banished and we are now told what is best for us in a land that tells the rest of the world how free it is. This country may have started in freedom but we are a long way from Kansas now.

As we have seen, it’s so easy to look the other way, agree with the deception, and pretend the forces of government, drug companies, and profit over people are just too big for us. 

 Should we agree that injecting poison and genetic altering material into the bloodstream is the way to go? As Chiropractors, should we get with the program and focus on disease and suffering instead of health?

Each time we do, we sacrifice a piece of our self and a part of us dies.

Are you claiming your greatness in times of turmoil or are you waiting for safer times? Are you still waiting for permission from your Mommy or Daddy (the government)?

The time has come for you to grant yourself permission to help more people than you have ever helped by straightening your own spine and standing on your own two legs.

If there ever was a time to shine, it’s now.

Chiropractic was born in fire, baptized in fire, and does its best work when under fire.

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