Are your patients a little…cranky?

You open the door to your exam room like you’ve done hundreds of times, and what do you see? Behind the door is a skeptical patient that has a death grip on their insurance policy. This doesn’t make you want to be there any more than they do.

What’s wrong with this picture? Chiropractic has been reduced to only a service? It’s so much more than that! You’ve strayed from your roots, you swerved out of your lane, and you’re attempting to appeal to the many, not the few.

They don’t trust you and they surely don’t respect you. I know what you’re thinking, “maybe I’ll win them over with my clinical expertise, their results, and my charm!” Well, do I have news for you…they will leave minutes after they find out insurance won’t cover their visits. And the only ‘referrals’ you’ll receive are their bad reviews online.

This never-ending churn of new, low-quality patients is solved the moment you realize, you can’t be all things to all people. If they can’t be respectful in your office for a few minutes, the fit will never be right.

These crabby, cheap, and uncooperative patients really can wear you down after a while. It may even make you resent the people you serve.

If you’re ready to serve a whole new class of patients that respect, trust, and comply with your recommendations, click here or call TNR. Don’t be misled that you have to serve the crabby and cheap population for the rest of your career!