Failure is an option

Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned pro, failure is an option and you think you need to continually guard yourself against it. Here are some ways DCs think they are avoiding failure:

  • Lowering expectations of economics. First-year associates average from $28,000-$31,000 and tons of DCs are not grossing $100,000 a year.
  • Going along with insurance guidelines and not realizing you can go outside of them.
  • Letting patients push you around and tell you how it’s going to go down.
  • Start becoming a salesman for everything from CBD oil, laser beams, to foot baths or Botox.
  • Alter your way to practice to be a pain relief doctor only.
  • Don’t accept kids, difficult cases, or wellness.

For discerning DCs, you quickly realize you didn’t get into Chiropractic to pay bills or to just get by.

You got into it to HELP PEOPLE!

If you remember this principle, you can transform your practice.

Once you have guidance and systems in place the effect will be helping people discover their health and an increase in income. It’s not uncommon for DCs new to the program to see increases of 3, 5,10x of their present income.

You’ll see this 3, 5, 10x increase by creating a welcoming community in your office. Your patients will voluntarily be a part of it. They won’t feel like they don’t know anything about health or that you’re trying to sell to or convince them.

If you’re a DC that is open to seeing patients other than a 46 year old for low back pain for a few forced visits, reach out to me.

In a matter of 30-minutes via phone or video conference you will see how your office would look like if you started practicing the way you choose and to become ultra-successful.

The End of The Struggle is in the final stages. We’re excited to share this book with you and put an end, finally, to your struggles with practice! Keep an eye out in your emails, it’s coming soon….

In the meantime, if you’re ready to start your journey you can do so by scheduling a FREE consultation. Click here to begin.