Five Incisive Questions to Ask Yourself

Five Incisive Questions to Ask Yourself

In this plandemic fueled mass hysteria, it’s easy to drift away from what makes us unique as Chiropractors. For a gut check and balance so desperately needed, ask yourself these five quick questions:

 In the world of Chiropractic there will always be easier, more socially accepted paths to follow. (1) Will you allow others who don’t know what Chiropractic is to determine and decide for you who to be or will you fiercely and proudly protect, communicate, and educate Chiropractic’s true purpose? Make a stand or take a fall.

(2) Will you put current silliness ahead of our profession and humanity? The time has come for a new breed of leaders to emerge: successful, fearless, purposeful, and with strong hearts. These new leaders will have hearts to feel and ears to listen to the stilled and dumbed down voices of a misled, sick, subluxated, dim light bulb society.

(3) Would it be an exaggeration to call principled Chiropractors the last true Chiropractors on earth? Are we educators, teachers, and communicators of a hidden truth about health or are we salespeople, physical therapists, spa owners, GNC, and the like?

(4) Can you overlay a business plan over Chiropractic and still call it Chiropractic? We are not CPAs, MDs, or lawyers. We can’t put profit over people. We must fervently guard our identity and not allow it to be sold, borrowed, or taken from us. The emphasis belongs on patient care, education, and miracles.

You’ve heard of the great train robbery, Bonnie and Clyde, industrial espionage, and the pandemic hoax, right? They all pale in comparison to the theft that is taking place at this very moment. Our sovereignty, uniqueness, and our very identity are being stolen from us in one of the greatest thefts in human history. (5) How can we shrink with all of the nonsense that’s going on around us? To water down this beautiful vision just to be accepted by a disease-driven society is a stain on humanity.

If there are any principled Chiropractors still out there who don’t have a place to call home and feel like they could be doing a heck of a lot better with a little guidance, reach out to me today! Click on the green button at the top of the page to set up a free consultation.