Patients are willing to put the work in…if you ask them!

be a leader

A leader will do what is right for the person they are serving. Asking the patient what they think about their recommendations is like asking your kids if they want to eat ice cream or broccoli. 

To be a leader in your office requires firmness and a characteristic of not caving or giving in to people who tell you how it’s going to be.

Especially when the going gets tough.

When you allow your people to control their care plans, all hell will break loose.

They will comment on the length of care, insurance coverage, your technique, why it seems like you do the same thing every time, why do you really think all this care is necessary, etc.

Like a heart attack, no matter how sudden the illness seems to be or the challenge it is to health, it usually is chronic in nature.

If it takes time to lose your health, it will take time to regain it. Think fitness here.

Fighting against the solution is the game that is played in most Chiropractors’ offices every day.

Everyone is busy searching on the internet for a substitute or imitation for real care: Simple solutions to complex problems.   

When you cave by discounting your fees to make your care more convenient or increase your time with them, the clinical results will plummet.

“Oh, I like Dr. Rachel. She’s so nice. And her fees are great, we can come in anytime we want because she’s never busy, and she spends so much time with us.” When asked if their health challenge is any better: “Well no, but did I tell you what a great person she is?”

Your recommendations must support your care, not sabotage it.

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