Show me the money!

Show me the money

We all want to be successful, but is your success coming at the expense of your principles? Many think it’s a matter of having one and not the other, but TNR is all about the art of creating both. 

 Is that old piece of income-producing equipment you bought just taking up space in your office?

Do the latest and best vitamins have dust on their covers?

That decompression machine has been sent to college (huge cost!) and its return on investment comes at the expense of your Chiropractic.

Do you believe in pain relief only or the expression of life?

Do you limit your practice to, “My back, my back”, or do you have a practice where people expect miracles and are willing to travel long distances to receive care.

Today the average age of a new patient is 46 years old and the patient visit average (how long they stay) is a handful of visits.

If you still remain true to the principles of Chiropractic but have yet to experience exponential success, TNR may be what you’re looking for.

Expecting success without improving yourself is a dead-end street.

TNR is all about ‘hand crafting’ Chiropractors to become the best versions of themselves.

Searching the internet for simple solutions to complex problems is a hamster in a wheel mentality.

Having the courage to be guided to your best self as a once-in-a-lifetime Chiropractor sets you apart from others.

How can this not lead to success beyond your wildest dreams?

If you want people to "show you the money", serve your people to your highest ability.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to patient care.

 Even if they don’t get it, don’t sink to their level, work with people who do get it.

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