What kind of choice are you making?

choice 2

Today there is so much emphasis on the acquisition of new patients, computer software, technique, etc. Do you find yourself drifting away from the ‘source’, the caring for your practice members? Is it any wonder that sales and marketing have replaced purpose? Do you think people don’t know the difference?

 When I get to know a new coaching member of TNR, I immediately know their choice. Has patient care been replaced by the incessant, desperate search for low-quality, new patients to replace the rapidly departing ones?

Where is their focus?

It isn’t their computer software, social media platform, technique, class rank, school attended, etc. that will determine their success.

It’s their connection to people and the ability to form bonds of trust with deep emotional connections. It’s like an invisible touch that turns resistance and skepticism into cooperation.

The energy and cost of spending 50% of your weekly resources on billing, collecting monies, and marketing comes at the expense of the results you get and the number of people you can see. Do you fall prey to the revolving door, leaky bucket practice where you have to beg and coax the patient on each visit?

Do you breathe a sigh of relief as you have a stay of execution for yet another forced visit? Does it seem like you want them to be healthier more than they do?

This can go on for your entire career. You can disguise it by becoming a salesman for any income-producing bright shiny object. If this helps your office at all, it comes at the expense of your purpose and passion for ‘tic’.

Do you feel like you are walking a gangplank with the sick feeling in your stomach of getting kicked to the curb and relegated to the non-essential list, only to be replaced by a copper bracelet, a gluten-free diet, yoga, etc.?

Making a choice will instantly polarize you and your practice. Some people are not going to go for your choice. Not being ‘that guy’ they can go to for a few pops when all else fails will frustrate many but will attract a higher quality, discernable group actually interested and willing to do the work to become healthier.

The Chiropractors who are the best fit for TNR coaching have a fire that burns in their gut but for unseen reasons, they can’t communicate this to practice members. They end up with practice members asking them to be a back cracker. There is nothing wrong with making this choice as long as they are willing to accept the consequences.

Being in the wrong container does not allow even gifted, passionate Chiropractors to shine. The number one problem Chiropractors have today is not understanding which container they belong in. Don’t get caught up in the mess. Make your choice to stand for something instead of attempting to appeal to everybody.

Everything in your life improves with making and sticking to your choice. Call it what you will: conviction, perseverance, or integrity; it sure beats living a second-hand life where others make your choices for you.

What kind of choice are you making?