TNR happenings July 13

What is the word about Boot Camp?

I will find out about Boot Camp today with Kenny Smoker. As all members know, it is not in Kenny’s hands; rather, he has to abide by the Tribal Council’s decisions on matters such as this. As soon as we know more, all plans will be put into motion, including which airport to fly into, etc. There will, in all likelihood, be more obstacles for us to overcome; however, we can’t follow the crowd and simply say, "See you next year." It's far too important to be relegated to some digital imitation or substitution. For hundreds of years they have heard empty words and broken promises. It is so important to keep the fundraising going, keep flexible, and prepare for an old fashioned road trip to the Minot or Billings airport. We need to help some of the most deserving kids on the planet.

Letter to the Tribal Council

The DCME training is on for Saturday, July 18th

Last Friday we emailed a special extension for savings through today. As mentioned in that email, if there was ever a time for training, it's now. To our north of the border members, it’s worth the hassle. If you’re honest with yourself, all the symptomatic relief in the world won’t change the world’s resonation. David Hawkins of Power vs. Force fame says the average adult doesn’t increase 5 points of resonation in a lifetime. Wearing a mask will not raise your resonation. Using 1918 technology is clearly not a solution for those in the know; it’s clearly an evasion, hiding from something that you don’t have a solution for. When will people know about Chiropractic and health? Only when a group of powerful TNR DCs educates and creates certainty in an uncertain world. When this thing is yesterday’s news, most people won’t know any more about health than they did before they donned the mask and they will be more dependent on the very people who profit from them being sick and vulnerable.


Practice tip of the week

Be kind and compassionate to ignorant people. When you see a jogging person or a biking person wearing a mask, you almost want to pull over, go up to them, and set them straight. Don’t ask Dr. Julie about this! They are doing the best they can with their extreme paradigm blindness, their subservience to authority, their knowing absolutely nothing about health (only disease), and using the 1918 technology of masks and social distancing. Don’t make fun of people attempting to play Scrabble with lots of vowels missing; it is similar to what's going on here. Accept them as they are and don’t attempt to change them with meaningless lectures or making fun of them.  Can you now see the role of education in your practice? Did you know that 99% of all DCs refuse to have weekly Health Awareness Seminars? The excuses are that it's too much work, too difficult, and people just won’t come. Look at the effects of all the ignorance around you. This is quite a price to pay for something that’s totally preventable: the fear of diseases invading you.


From the Mind of Miyagi


One of the treasures of working with members that have been in TNR for awhile is witnessing a certain grace under pressure. With running an ultra-successful practice, being married, parenting, and being human in general, there is a certain grace or an ability to not get thrown too far off balance. They appear to be almost bulletproof or unflappable. It’s not that they don’t have problems. It’s that they actually grow from getting through problems instead of being dogged by them for life. It doesn’t just come from running your card and joining TNR, it's doing the work. Working with people inside or outside of your office that are not always in a cooperative mood takes lots of patience and a knowing that things will turn out all right.

When you witness people you know and love going through difficult times, you will see lots of ugliness and self-importance rear their ugly heads. You will see people taking advantage of others, using manipulation and control. They will always have opinions and solutions foisted upon them from people who don’t know but think they do. With TNR training (lots of it!) you will not add your name to the Monday a.m. quarterbacks saying what the professionally trained athlete should have or could have done. This seems to be a way of life with low resonating people who have no TNR training.

It is heart-wrenching when you learn of a family member, colleague, or neighbor who is dissolving their marriage, especially if it includes kids. How about finding out about a scary disease from out of the blue? How about closing an office or becoming an associate? Immediately there is a polarization among people who know them. "She’s the one at fault", "she’s lazy", "he’s a mean bastard", "he spends too much time on his computer", etc. This is the never-ending way of judging, taking sides, and forming opinions based on nothing besides low resonation and not walking in their shoes. I have heard of former TNR members who don’t want to resolve their marital conflicts, who can’t give and take, and who always wants to be right or bully the other. After a break-up one father actually didn’t want to be a father anymore to his kids and had taken up being a father for a new family; he is a wounded man too proud to heal the wound or to ask for help.

This acquired grace or unflappability that results from being in TNR for awhile takes the shape of being hesitant to judge people, hesitant to offer simple solutions to complex problems, and hesitant to find fault with unpleasant circumstances. It’s the restraint necessary to demonstrate to inner circle members the way you conduct yourself without the need to foist your way on others, even when you know they are riding down the path of self-destruction.


If you’re not working with special needs kids, start today!

One of the most heartwarming parts of being a TNR DC is the development both socially and mentally of extraordinary children under your care. In days past the impairment was called a handicap, but it’s actually a gift. It may be physical, mental, IQ, PDD, emotional, etc. You can actually change the trajectory with each and every child/teen/adult you care for if you have the training, patience, and courage. It has to be more than just the adjustment. It’s the creation of the sacred relationship. A relationship of trust that is unconditional. Even when they mess up big time, firmness replaces anger and disappointment. What many people unfamiliar with extraordinary kids don’t know is they have a truth meter or inner intelligence, an awareness that is second to none. They know when you don't use present time consciousness or if you don't understand them. They know when you patronize them, ignore them, or want to get away from them. Even if they can’t articulate or verbalize it, they know.

 It shows if you feel awkward around kids like this. You can’t fake it, they know. Their parents can also tell the difference between real people and others too self-absorbed to relate to their kids. Not long ago I had the privilege and honor to hang out with a 9-year-old boy who has difficulty adapting to a crazy world that casts giant labels on him. When you tune in and stay tuned in, he lets you in his world. It’s like a sacred agreement between two people that’s earned. What an amazing world he lives in that few people will ever get a chance to experience. When you don’t tune in, he keeps you at arm's length. While swimming with this little guy at our beach (Yes, Dr. Lizzie, it’s a beach!), he looked me square in the eyes and said, "You should make a red cape for your dog Hachi because he’s like a super dog." I wish I had his courage and determination. It brought giant tears to my eyes and does even now as I am writing this.

Starting today, redouble your efforts to reach and help kids that our advanced society has deemed not advanced.


DCME Confidential


Question 1: I have been taking some heat from one of my DCME patients regarding when they were going to be put on wellness. Help! What do I do?

Answer: Everyone heals at a different rate. I do know this with certainty: as DCs, we are in too much of a rush to put people on wellness care at reduced fees. Don't do it too soon. It will come back to bite you. Like a marriage, a friendship, parenting, etc., complacency will creep into the relationship along with things like skipped appointments, problems with payment, and, of course, clinical results will slip big time. Sometimes they will be on 2 or 3 rounds of DCME before being placed on wellness fees.

Question 2: Can I a la carte the DCME video for some of my favorite people in the office?

Answer: No. Its power lies in the synergy created being in the level 2 recommendations.