TNR Happenings july 20

Finally, a training!

DCME was intimate, intense, and it will have the minds of the attendees reeling for the next few days. This training exposes all of the shadows within yourself. Caring for DCMEs is so much heavier and intense than a musculoskeletal issue. You can fall asleep by doing the same thing over and over with musculoskeletal patients and be ruled by the 70/20/10 rule (70% get better, 20% don’t change, and 10% get worse). Practice members having a Plan B (surgery, drugs, other doctors, etc.) sure takes the heat off. You’re not expected to do the heavy lifting, that’s for the ‘real’ doctors to do. When you don’t have a Plan B, welcome to the world of DCME. When asked what prevents members from doing DCMEs, the unanimous answers at the training were all the grief, attacks, legal woes, and keyboard courage that you will receive from the actual people you are attempting to help. This is why the price point for DCMEs is what it is with no apologies.


Join the movement!

Wake up from the societal consciousness and become aware. Have the courage to think differently and be more aware than people who are asleep. Our trail cam captures creatures you don’t normally see during the day. Someone walking through our woods for the first time would say there are no deer, fisher cats, raccoons, or coyotes that live there because they can’t see them. The trail camera and its night vision allows us to penetrate the veil of the ordinary and really see what is going on beyond the ordinary. Much like a microscope or a telescope, just because you can’t see it, don’t believe it’s not there. If you had this lens on your mindset (not brain) you would not be believing in things that someone is spending billions upon billions of dollars on to convince you of its truth. You are unable to see it for what it really is and instead are listening to others to do the seeing for you. Can you smell your freedom burning? If something is true, it doesn’t need advertisement, opinions, or commentating, it simply is. War, violence, crime, addiction, and oppression needs factoids, fake news, and publicity to keep them alive because its not true or just. It’s an invisible way of bullying, to make the unjust seem just with repetition over and over. This current mass hysteria is a reality. However, it’s not Above the Line, it’s decidedly Below the Line.

Practice tip of the week

Since the mass hysteria, there has been a decided shift towards anti prosperity not just within Chiropractic, but with all professions. It seems the wealthy are the target and have the crosshairs on their backs. Somehow, somewhere there is a myth that this wealth will be re-distributed. Before you dismiss this idea completely, think of taxes. Being an ultra-successful DC, you will pay millions of dollars in taxes during your career, the more you make, the higher your tax rate. In disease insurance, the healthy subsidize the unhealthy. The responsible pay for the irresponsible. In a classroom setting, the prepared and hardworking must drag the unprepared in the form of a curve for grading (using the bell curve so that the underperforming are rewarded and ride the coattails of the prepared). We would create a whole new world of self-reliance if we let the unprepared flunk and have no do-overs, if everyone didn't get participation ribbons and just the winners did, if every team didn't get a trophy and only the winning team did, if kids learned to keep score instead of not keeping score, etc. There is a certain smugness from people who are not ambitious or hard-working but still expect others (corporations, government, schools, wealthy people) to subsidize or pay for their upgrade in the quality of their life. Entitlement takes all different forms. Gender, race, age, religion, essential vs. non-essential, political orientation, etc. In a meritorious society, you earn everything that you have. In a more socialized setting, the ambitious are penalized and the under-motivated are rewarded.

Tithing is an idea that dates back hundreds of years. It’s a mindset or spiritual (not religious) orientation that knows (not thinks) there’s plenty more where that came from. The time for tithing has come in TNR. The majority can’t get by on 100% of their earnings. TNR members will prosper on 90% while understanding they have set the conditions for growth in motion. This is so counterintuitive for the majority. We have a handful of members that tithe to LHNC.  Some do monthly donations ranging from $50-$250 a month. Others donate 5% of their prepays to LHNC in the practice members' names and receive 2 hand-signed certificates, one for the practice member and one to display in their office. Prosperity is not so much what you do, it’s a mindset and it can be cultivated and developed. Your behaviors, actions, and language reflect your beliefs about prosperity. The first thing that must go is the sense of lack or limitation and falling in line with others, especially in trying times like now. Refuse to participate with what others are doing like accepting to be under home arrest and allowing their jobs to be taken away without so much as a whimper. Instead, tithe in the teeth of a pandemic. Be your own person and refuse to participate in limitation, lack, and disease. Grow in the teeth of a pandemic. Don’t brag or boast to other non-TNR DCs about your office growth. Just do it. How many of our members have attempted to coach a brother or sister DC and it didn’t end so well. The time is now to demonstrate your prosperity. Be in the position to not only help yourself but others (LHNC, churches, food cupboards, animal rights, etc.)


From the Mind of Miyagi


One way to stop the hemorrhage of personal power immediately is the ability to suspend your need to judge others. Try not to constantly offer your opinion to others to be agreed with, attacked, and to hear the immortal words, ‘That doesn’t sound like you’, ‘You’ve changed’, or "You’re not like you were before." EVERYONE JUDGES! It’s in our DNA, upbringing, and past history. Every newscast, blog, podcast, etc. features people commenting on things they know nothing about. It only amplifies their opinion (it never makes it true) or position and their closed-mindedness to any opposing views. Memes are so popular now and people actually think and believe they are true, even though they are not. They talk as if they are a surgeon, musician, artist, or craftsman and are an authority because they have a platform online or offline.

Listening to others dictate how we should feel or think is a way we can be intellectually lazy or powerless, thinking these others are smarter and more credible. Really? Pro athletes and celebrities come to mind. What do they know about world events or health? They have opinions based on nothing. Politicians making the decisions for us like which country to declare war with, which minorities are okay, which unscrupulous Wall Street banks to bail our with taxpayer money, who is essential, etc. Which ones have had laws enacted to keep the oppression alive (skin color, gender, ethnicity, beliefs)? By the people, for the people: that ship has set sail.

Instead of commenting and offering your opinions like a layperson or a person who doesn’t know any better and doesn’t want to know better, stay in your lane and share Chiropractic care with as many people as you dare. Know deep in your hearts that even in our own profession few choose to march with us shoulder to shoulder. I saw an online video of a once-proud DC mumbling through a mask about being a good comrade. He said he offers pandemic testing and tele-Chiropractic (he must have awfully long arms) in his office as part of a public service. There was a sadness in his eyes as this DC is having to grovel and become an unpaid (okay, low paid) advocate for disease. If you want to be the most help you can be to others, yourself, your family, and our profession, grow your practice and stop judging others. You can’t afford to hemorrhage any more personal power.


DCME confidential


Question 1: For about 3 weeks I’ve been sucking it up, going zero for 16 potential DCMEs. Not all of them were typical DCMEs; however, I should have gotten at least 2-4 in that quantity. What would Miyagi do?

Answer: Record yourself during the Report of Findings and send it to me. I listen for a hesitancy or an uncertainty in your level 2 recommendations. Don't you think that at least one or two of the 16 new patients were HUGE DCME cases that should have only been offered DCME level 2 recommendation? Offering inadequate recommendations to a neurologically challenged kid helps nobody.

Question 2: I just attended the DCME training this weekend and I thought I knew a lot about DCMEs. Now I realized I know very little about them. Should I study the manual you made and send you homework assignments on areas I have to improve on?

Answer: Only if you want to become the once-in-a-lifetime DC you are truly capable of being.