TNR Happenings 7.27

Get your Love Has No Color donations in this week!

It’s time to wrap up this year’s fundraising effort for the kids and adults on the Fort Peck Reservation. Kudos to all of our members for their incredible effort in the midst of mass hysteria. Be sure to thank your practice members and community members. It’s so easy to say I'll wait until next year. Isn’t that what society rewards people to do when the going gets tough? These kids, however, can’t wait. Our food order with local grocer Main Street Grocery (right near the Chiropractic Clinic/Movie Theater) is much bigger than last year. Our small, but mighty, band of adventurers will be setting out for the Reservation next week. Five potential attendees were KO’d by $1600 tickets to Minot, ND. We will be visiting Dr. Megan in Minot. After she completed her work on the Reservation she started working at a Chiropractic office in Minot.


Love Has No Color Boot Camp participants

Dr. Julie is still awaiting information on a few of our participants. We need this in advance of our arrival in order to gain access to the Reservation. The Reservation is in a lockdown mode and we have been granted an exception by the Tribal Council. This is indeed historic! As all TNR members realize, there are obstacles and resistances to be overcome when helping people. It’s not always about us; it’s about the people we serve and their needs come first.


Practice tip of the week

Most of our members have received emails or social media posts directed at them for not being ‘good comrades’ and not fully participating in the disease hysteria. Some patients have said the doctors were not enforcing mask-wearing in their offices or they were wearing their masks around their necks. Others have complained about the doctor getting too close to them when delivering an adjustment or sitting too close to them in a Report of Findings. Do not respond in print. Your footprint is permanent and will be used against you. People are attacking everybody and everything during this mass hysteria. They can be vicious because they are frustrated and have reached the end of their ropes. Stay above the battleground. Stay in your lane. The person or persons who complained were going to be leaving your office anyway, they were just looking for validation in their twisted, little minds. Staying healthy in a society hell-bent on disease is a dangerous game to play.


From the Mind of Miyagi


Shark Week, from the diabolical minds of National Geographic, is upon us during the summer when you swim, of course. I have a great metaphor for you if you keep your mind open. Here it is: Whenever there is a shark attack, scientists attempt to explain what happened to cause the attack. What happened is a surfer or a swimmer ventured into a domain where they are not at the top of the food chain. Sh*& happens. The same thing happens with tiger attacks in the jungle and science attempts to explain that which needs no explanation.

Here are the steps they use to figure out problems. See if any of these are familiar with what’s going on currently. First, they capture sharks that have nothing to do with the attack and study them. So far, so good, right? To study them they have to kill them to perform an autopsy on them or imprison them away from their natural habitat in aquariums. Talk about quarantine. A tried and true standard is to monitor them with a GPS and follow their movements and then attempt to explain why. It’s a guessing game and an expensive guessing game at that.

In our society, you can’t even die without being dissected (autopsy) or given a scientific cause of death. If you take the number of swimmers each year and match the deaths, it is just like the survival rates of the latest pandemic: over 99% of people truly infected, not counting the false positives for cash. In case you think strategies of temporary avoidance and not facing the problem, like not swimming, will help, think again. The sharks aren't going anywhere and the stats will be the same. The use of mask-wearing and social distancing in this pandemic avoids facing the problem. Even though you can’t see them, the viruses are out there.

The thing about science ‘figuring out’ things is they have the law behind them. Science is the gold standard, the altar that people kneel at in our computerized society. They rule by force, not power. People who are not complying with the laws and regulations are flagged by things like police enforcement, barriers to entry, fines, and quarantines. The number of calls daily for comrades squealing on each other is thousands per day. I wonder if any sharks feel the urge to squeal on the ones who had a human sandwich.

With this pandemic, they identified a problem that has a 99% survival rate and, like shark attacks, blow it out of proportion with goriness. They have taken over freedoms, jobs, economics, education, and anything else that's in the way to explain what can’t be explained. Sh*& happens. Death is all around us. Has anybody compared the death rates of the wars the world is involved with? Peace would save more lives than any mask ever could.

Next, they reward people for testing (by withholding paychecks, daycare attendance, etc.) for the disease only to incentivize false positives. Cadavers with a ‘confirmed' (wink, wink) diagnosis of Covid are especially prized and are paid hefty rewards. Never in modern-day society, with the exception of outlaws, have they rewarded people they wanted to round up DEAD or ALIVE. We see this in our profession routinely with Jenko coding in insurance. The sicker an individual is, the more services are provided to that individual. I see DC after DC earning a few shillings to test their patients for this current disease. Just like sharks, now they can be monitored, have their data sold to research and genetic mutation groups, and be under the watchful eye of ‘big brother’. By the way, your DNA genetic material marking is at least as accurate as your fingerprint.

In case you haven’t guessed it, science is a very good tool for finite, analytical issues. Crime, violence, oppression, war, shark attacks, and pandemics are measured differently. Using a barometric pressure tool doesn’t help when you want to measure temperature. It is the wrong tool for the job. Lots of money is spent on all kinds of theories and laws are changed by the minute, but using the wrong tool, no matter how much money is spent, is still not the intelligent choice. Nor does it benefit society by removing freedom and liberties from the very people it is supposed to serve. Science should be used as a tool and not as a dictator or a tyrant like it is currently being used.


Another crack in the wall

Off the coast of North Carolina, there is a small group of mustangs that have been there for over 500 years. When the Spanish ventured by ship to America in 1520 they brought these horses with them. They can swim in the ocean, they must find their own food, and they have no access to vets or medical care. How do they do it? They are amazingly healthy and will live the way they have for the next 500 years or until man does something to interfere with their natural habitat. The next time you catch yourself believing in science as an absolute measure instead of a tool to guide and be helpful, think of these beautiful animals.

mustangs nc

DCME confidential


We had a record week of orders for the 21-DCME Video Program last week. Was this a coincidence, a shark attack, or are TNR members realizing the full benefit of helping practice members get through the invisible bars of emotional and mental barriers to healing? Watch the metrics on these practice members carefully. They will be higher in compliance and not miss appointments, will have lower dropout rates, will refer in people just like themselves, and are a joy to work with.