TNR Happenings 6.29

We have DCME training on July 18th!

The members in the US should have received the information in the mail and the information was emailed to our Canadian members. Finally, live training will be a reality for the brave DCs on the front lines doing the heavy lifting! Tickets are discounted until July 10th. Yes, you can apply Sacred Relationship Experience ticket if you choose or purchase a ticket outright, whatever gets you there.


Persistent rumor

I can neither deny nor confirm that my meeting with Kenny Smoker last week was held on the Reservation. The Reservation is in lockdown mode, complete with martial law curfews and no traveling on or off the Reservation. I do have confirmation that the Boot Camp/Fun Days are still on! Pow Wows that have been held for hundreds of years have all been canceled. We are the only group that has a green light to put on an event. That being said, this is a crucial year to show our all in-ness. It's too easy to say helping the kids in these circumstances is just too difficult so maybe we'll help next year, etc. As I have stressed, stay flexible because the format may change from an expected 1500 kids at the Fun Days to 3 days of going door to door handing out food!


Give a hand to a brother or sister

Reach out to your colleagues or classmates about TNR. Did you know that up to 80% of your graduating class is not working as a DC? They have joined the unemployed, repurposed, medical mayhem ranks while receiving whooping government stimulus to give up the practice of Chiropractic. You are well aware of the type of DC that is the best fit in TNR. They may be adventurous, strong-willed, and highly opinionated or they may be quiet and humble. Maybe they're a DC that never wanted to be an associate and work for someone else. Maybe they have a lackluster solo practice but were exposed as being unprepared to be a successful solo practitioner. Did they get swept up in the panic and fear of graduating and took whatever they could get? Are they are up to their necks in the pandemic known as COVID 19 with no way out? Are they hating life and are open for a reach out from you? Many believe Chiropractic let them down. It did no such thing. Your communication could change the trajectory of their lives.


No coaching calls next week on July 7th

We will be in Michigan for our vacation. If you are having an emergency, you can text me or Dr. Julie. You can also send an email if you have any questions.


Practice tip of the week

Design a pamphlet about what makes your office unique. Communicate your TNRness to a world paralyzed with fear, panic, and deception. Below is Dr. Tyler's, a solo practitioner in Montana. Note the boldness and the renegade theme of his writing. His first new patient was a HUGE DCME. Time was not wasted on making graphics with tinsel and glitter, it gets right down to it. The right Sweet Spot person will never throw the pamphlet away. Its uses are endless. It can be used online, offline, at screenings and speaking engagements, at your Health Awareness Seminar, for CA training, in your New Patient Important Records Folders, as referral incentives, etc. Great job, Dr. Tyler!

Dr. Tyler pamphlet 1
Dr. Tyler pamphlet 2

Love Has No Color fundraising news

We only have a few precious weeks of fundraising left. This is the most important year in our 16-year history. The panic, confusion, and fear along with the third world conditions make life almost unbearable on the Reservation. The morale and spirit of the Reservation have all but been crushed. We do not want to see a backslide of all the positive improvements we have seen during our time on the Reservation. Pull out all the stops. Get in the habit of donating 5% of DCME monies all year round. There are a few offices that tithe on a monthly basis. Some members have donated in name of deceased relatives and even deceased pets. As it stands, we are poised to purchase lots and lots of food for at-risk families and seniors, along with refurbishing a park or two. We will go door to door to deliver, greet, and spread hope to people who have been shut in for months and months. To increase our efforts, ask your DC colleagues outside TNR who are also on the front lines to help raise money. That’s the thing about serving people when you put the needs of others ahead of yourself, you’ll do something when you witness oppression. People obediently sitting on the sidelines cowering and quaking in their boots allow others to do the heavy lifting. Some things never change.


From the Mind of Miyagi


Being prepared for life takes preparation. TNR members have been thrust into a secret society where they actually do homework, attend training events at premium fees, read high-level books, embrace and accept new concepts and ideas, get outside of their comfort zones so they are prepared for anything, including a pandemic. How can the average DC only attend license credit snoozefests and actually believe they are at their best for their people? It’s a bold-faced lie. What a message to send our children  A higher percentage of members are having Head-2-Heads and taking in training events regardless of the size of their practice. They want to be better for the next practice member. NOBODY does training and homework in our society unless it’s mandatory, like getting a diploma or degree. MDs, lawyers, dentists, eye doctors, teachers, and foot doctors have a batting average (clinical ability/results with difficult cases) that never goes up. Like getting older and thinking you will play better golf: Ain’t gonna happen! Good enough is good enough for people as long as they get paid according to these professionals. If caring for people isn’t worthy of your best effort, what is? Are you saving it for your marriage, your parenting, your surfing the web, celebrity gazing, sports? My 86-year old mother was so proud of our members (including her grandkids) for visiting their practice members at their homes to adjust them if they were too scared (like she is) to go outside. She lamented about having to have her annual physical exam (oh, my!) over the phone with her MD. She wondered why her MD didn’t offer to visit her at her house? There is a difference between doctors and anything else for that matter. Preparation is like the overtraining done in Seal training. It prepares you for almost anything.

One of the myths or social conditionings that people actually believe in is elders or people in charge have wisdom and solutions for you or anybody else’s problems. Experience, perhaps, but not wisdom. Wisdom has to be earned through constant and continual training. Making short-sighted mandates or decisions takes no wisdom and no courage. With no increase in resonation, any solution will be a short-term appearing solution followed predictably with a long term problem. Pollution and up to 70% of current illnesses, depending on the source, are credited to earlier attempted disease solutions including antibiotics, supposed immunity granting chemical injections, chemotherapy, bio-engineered concoctions from stem cells to amniotic fluid, etc. An example of this right in front of your nose is government officials know what is best for you, comrade. You are supposed to sacrifice your individual freedoms (along with your resonation, wisdom, experience) for the benefit of the whole. Don’t speak your truth and while you are at it, don a mask. You ignore what you know to be true as a 9-year college doctor and go along and act like a layperson. This is kind of like wanting to be unhappy or poor to fit in and to be accepted by people who find themselves in those conditions and unable to get out of its clutches. Maybe this happens in other countries, but it violates all of the underpinnings of our constitution, declaration of independence, bill of rights, you name it. How about inalienable rights being seized and trampled upon?

What about laypeople (like in hair salons) inquiring about your health and performing medical procedures on unsuspecting victims? Will the victims' names, etc. be given to agencies that can’t be trusted not to harvest this info for-profit and bioterrorism? At the very least, they want to monitor your every move on your computers, smartphones, and tablets; even your kids' toys have chips and a GPS in them. By the way, science has admitted this latest debacle is a lab-made virus, a tool of mass destruction. Have you noticed that now there are all of these experts on this disease which was not in existence a few short months ago? Using 1918 technology (masks, social distancing, gloves) is no more effective a century-plus later. Remember that millions of people lost their lives using these same methods to supposedly protect themselves from the plague in 1918 and when it didn’t work, more individual freedoms and liberties are seized to punish the healthy. In all fascist and fundamentalist regimes throughout history, the first people who were rounded up and imprisoned or silenced were scholars, doctors, artists, or anyone who would speak up against the people who didn’t know, pretended they did know, and would never admit they didn’t. War, racism, and oppression of minorities are examples of these types of ‘mind virus’ that is being forced on people without their permission or understanding. People who are not prepared are always looking for a savior, a parent, or a big brother (science, academics, real doctors) to solve their problems. They buy into being told who’s essential, who’s good, who's an enemy, and what to believe. Those who are open-minded know the solution to the world’s problems are right in our hands, although even brother and sister DCs will disagree with that.

Everyone looks up to teachers, but how many took you under their wing. How many teachers do you know of that train voluntarily? It is simply unheard of. Most of our experiences with teachers were with supposedly educated people who didn’t care, taught dogmatic outdated theories of an ivory tower, academic world, and were rewarded with tenure (they can’t get fired) even though they didn't care. What kind of message are you sending? Are you prepared and want to be better for the next student entrusted to you? When you are on the plane, you are supposed to believe that the flight crew is trained for emergencies, which is not necessarily true. Or that the TSA people actually know about security. How many of them have actually apprehended a terrorist? They are unarmed, untrained, and wouldn’t know what to do in the event of an emergency. They sit in a 68 degree, air-conditioned classroom with a laptop, mouthing the words like a Karaoke singer of what to do in the event of a crash or someone sneaking a bottle of water, perfume, or aftershave into the airport.

Again, the freedoms and rights of the healthy and law-abiding are exchanged for supposed security and safety. Old Ben Franklin warned of these maneuvers hundreds of years ago. Remember, England wrote the playbook of oppression and colonization for much of the world. The authorities are among the first ones to panic and are of no help to anyone, including themselves. The largest traffic jam of that time in history was caused by the plague of London by horse-drawn carriages of doctors and clergy running away from the city. Talk about social distancing. Running away does not solve the problem, it denies, avoids, and classifies the problem, not its solution. Why don’t people see from their paradigm blindness and focus on the solution? They are not prepared, they are hall monitors in a school. Fire drills and air raid drills are good ideas at the time but their effectiveness will never be witnessed because there is nothing to witness. This is kind of like having no safety belts for the kids on school buses, but there is for the driver.          

Isn’t the lane we should be traveling in, health? Are you really that afraid of disease? Since when is there no cause and effect? Since when is there no higher power? Since when are churches closed down by the state and government and then relegated to a non-essential online community? Do you really believe in the fabric around your mouth, are you afraid to touch, are you afraid to assemble in public? Do you place your belief in the small minds of disease-addicted, profit-motivated people and institutions? Recently an over-zealous woman in her 40’s gasped at my not wearing my mask and was spreading disease. It’s so refreshing to observe directly the arrogance and ignorance of low resonating people who think they know. She said I wasn’t doing my part. I told her that if she believed she was protected, then she had nothing to worry about. Many people are scared and deceived by low resonating amateurs who want to punish the healthy. This is eerily similar to taxing the rich to redistribute wealth to the poor. Are you really afraid when you walk by a chronically ill person of catching what they have? Are you worried when you walk by a poor person that you are going to lose your success? Are you spraying for mosquitoes or putting up chain link fences (masks) to stop the spread of mosquitoes? If there was a time in your life to be prepared in Chiropractic and health, it’s now. Throw your shoulders back and press your chest out as you radiate the power and awesomeness of being a DC who is part of the solution and not part of the problem. Don’t attempt to prove or convince. Help more people than you ever have in the past. Stay in your lane.


An epic thank you to Dr. Megan

She has finally wrapped up her duties on the Reservation after four of the most incredible years of her life. TNR, LHNC, Dr. Julie, and I owe her a debt of gratitude. The challenges of being on the Reservation cannot be fathomed by people who never walked in her shoes. She was asked, "Do you live in a teepee” by a wealthy debutante at a charity event featuring Kenny Smoker in Randolph, MA. She faced resistance, challenges, and obstacles for being a proud female Chiropractor in an environment of male domination. She witnessed the extreme hopelessness that is everywhere on the Reservation and the impoverished kids and adults. Yet through all of this, she carried a quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) dignity and always did what was right in spite of people not always recognizing her vantage point and wisdom. She is a true pioneer in modern days.

"If you look up the definition of a Swiss Army knife in Wikipedia, you will see a picture of Dr. Megan. Extreme utility and versatility are her essences. Intelligence, not limited only to the analytical type, but rather a relationship-building ability between people, with organizational skills that few possess and a motor that doesn’t stop. She has no quit in her. She has a standard ingredient in her that is optional in most others: GSD or gets sh*& done.  She comes from Arkansas and is damn proud of it. Not only is she an independent talent in every situation she is placed in, but she also makes those around her better, much better. She is the straw that stirs the drink. She creates a team instead of a bunch of individuals all pulling in different directions. She gets things done that have never been done before even when the powers of bureaucracy grind things to a screeching halt. She has the ability to influence and change stubborn minds, can clearly state what needs to be done, and then can get different types of people to buy into a shared interest or common purpose. How she does this is quite a mystery. "


DCME confidential


I'm asking all members to participate at the highest level. Start leaning toward the level two recommendations. Level 1 recommendations were adequate pre-pandemic but are painfully inadequate currently, especially with emotional and mentally damaged people. Some of the higher, locked in DCME offices are purchasing 2 21-Day DCME Video Programs per week. The 21-Day DCME Video Progam is not found anywhere in our profession. It is truly a treasure. It’s easy to go ‘on tenure’  in TNR and ignore it or take it for granted. Looking at the $349 as another expense or an additional overhead is short-sighted and tragic. By using this tool you will establish emotional connections and clinical results not available to other DCs. Don’t get stuck in an outdated model of practice. Every practice member you will ever serve has layer after layer of emotional and mental compromise that is retained in the nerve system and this lowers resonation. The 21-Day Video Program is simply a better way of speeding up trust and clinical results and it actually helps people become better versions of themselves, not merely fewer aches and pains.