TNR Happenings 6.22

Father's Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day yesterday. It’s so easy to lose gratitude and reverence for father-type figures in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially now with the ever-present pandemic and the changes that are happening to your family. For me, Father’s Day symbolizes the commitment a human being makes to seeing to the needs, development, and nurturing of a child into an adult: the hero's journey from caterpillar to butterfly. This commitment is made and kept in good times, challenging times, and even when the actual child pushes you away and appears most ungrateful. As most of you know, fathering or parenting isn’t limited to children. If you have been in TNR for a while, you feel this very deeply, a sense of belonging, a sacred, ancient trust. A feeling of being recognized, accepted, encouraged, and honored as you are right now, not someday in the future when all of your problems have disappeared and you are wealthy. This should be the aim and purpose of your family and office as well. If you are not parenting, directing, and guiding your patients, you are missing the point of being a once-in-a-lifetime DC. Being overly analytical and merely removing symptoms is not being a map or compass that guides someone through their hero’s journey. Rather, it's holding space or creating a container for a person’s greatness to germinate in. My daughter Randi Jo shared a testimonial from their office of a teenager plagued by severe anxiety and depression to the point of not being able to go to school. They drive over one hour each way to receive care. As great as her and Marc’s adjustments are, it’s the emotional connection and that parenting relationship that really creates the miracle inside and outside of their office. Even though my father is no longer living, I feel his presence and guidance every day. He’s not gone in my life, he is very much present.


Fun Day/Boot Camp

Was it a dream or did I just meet with Kenny and Dr. Megan? The Reservation is still in a lockdown mode, but we currently have a green light for our August 6th to the 8th event. It’s on! This is so important for the kids on the Reservation. It is a symbol of hope and of better times in the future. No events have been allowed other than our Fun Day! For all participants to this year’s festivities, we ask you to be even more adaptable, flexible, and respectful of the ‘conditions’ on the Reservation currently. The governing powers are attempting to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense. And the information a Reservation receives is even more confusing than what others get on the internet or on negative TV news.


Practice tip of the week

Resist the urge to become a victim of social bashing on or offline. Keep your footprint small or non-existent. Many of our members have been called out from everything from not closing their offices to seeing too many people (lack of social distancing) and not supporting protests. As I always say, stay in your lane. People are only too quick to point out what you should be doing with your practice, parenting, freedom, being a good comrade (wearing a mask). They are very emotional and will attack you viciously. Stay in your lane and serve more people. From a higher resonation, you will respond with compassion and understanding instead of attacking them. They are doing the best they can with their Below the Line perspective and limited abilities. From your Above the Line perspective, you know they don’t understand or respect you. Don’t attempt to prove or to convince, they can’t hear you. Work instead with the ones that do respect you. Be too big to be hurt or insulted with keyboard courage from sheeple.


From the Mind of Miyagi


A potential practice member who you have had much contact with over time (sent emails and videos) suddenly calls and schedules an appointment. What just happened?  Pre-DC days you were working at a job and the boss suddenly calls you in and fired you. What just happened? In a marriage, the guy/gal goes off to the store to buy some milk and bread and never comes back. What just happened?

The sh*& hit the fan and the situation or circumstance hit the threshold. Think of the Concentric Circles Concept. There are very few acute circumstances in life. Things build up invisibly overtime now and will escape serious consideration because of people’s insane attempt at meeting other’s expectations, opinions, and how you should think, act or feel. You’ve seen this first hand in TNR; it’s a paradox: like water that you need to live, you can also drown in it. In the first 40 years or so of your life, you live in service to other people’s expectations and opinions. In other words, you live to create an appearance of who you are, rather than your true essence. The second you joined TNR it became all about the service of your needs and being true to your spirit and true authentic Self. By the way, real friends and family are thrilled with the new you! People who control, dominate, or bully you are not so thrilled. A little hint here: these people are in your inner circle, they are not enemies. You now embark on the hero’s journey of claiming back your authentic Self. As you work with DCME cases, you will see this so much in the parent’s testimonials that mention they are now like they were years ago: healthy, curious, kind, sensitive, and enthusiastic.

With all of the concentrated political and government oppression telling DCs how to act, to feel, or to behave, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that you are a doctor and not a layperson. You work with the sick and those who choose to stay well. The government and the crabs in a box society attempt to guilt you into being a good comrade, completely ignoring your leadership or essential nature. Health is a dirty word when it doesn’t involve the home team (MD, pharmaceutical, hospitals, science, research). Paradoxically, you actually represent the solution, not more rhetoric or distortion through the lens of politics or the home team. Is it more important to you to be accepted by a low resonating ignorant majority than telling the truth to a higher resonating minority? This paradigm blindness is so pervasive that it creates an inconvenient truth that is dealt with severe punishment. This has happened throughout history. Fascist regimes throughout history are extreme examples of where the doctors, scholars, artists, and teachers were among the first to be rounded up and imprisoned or worse. We have a member who was threatened with a $750,000 fine or 10 years in jail for the high crime of helping people get healthy. So many DCs have agreed and closed their doors or feature masks and commentary on their web pages about hygienic practices. Using 1918 technology didn’t produce results then and will not now. The solution is becoming more healthy as a society, not hiding, avoiding, and denying. Like obedient children seeking approval from their parents, have these DCs forgotten what it means to deliver a sacred adjustment? Where have the true Chiropractic warriors gone?

When a cigarette smoker sees another light up, they are an instant comrade. We currently see this same thing with masks. Regardless of their race, creed, or color, they’re flying the colors of self-destruction, but they’re doing it by flying in formation. We value loyalty in our society. We love dogs because they will follow even an evil owner because of loyalty. As humans, we can elect to not follow tainted leadership but we must be prepared for the inevitable backlash of claiming freedom. Even though your union will cause an early demise in both of you, they share in their unifying cause. TNR DCs find ways to serve and fly beneath the radar. This is not the time to take a stand and get careless with the fight of public opinion. Regulatory boards are on high alert. Let others rant n rave but stay in your lane. Have your personal bests and record months in the teeth of the pandemic.


LHNC fundraising news

Let's go, let’s go, let’s go!!! We need all hands on deck. Use your social media contacts. Make personal calls to DCs or others that can help. We have a very tight window of time to accumulate donations. Micro and macro donations are all needed. We will have a heavy emphasis on purchasing food for at-risk children and adults. Now, more than ever, this will really help with the added severe emotional and mental stress for those on the Reservation. If there was ever a time to shine, it’s now. TNR has always been about overcoming adversity, not allowing it to sabotage our efforts. We have Love Has No Color video fundraising updates every week.

jungle gym

DCME confidential


Quesiton1: I’ve been contacted by a potential DCME client that lives far away. They want me to do my work on Zoom. Should I?

Answer: We’ve talked about this in recent columns. The low-resonating majority doesn’t know the difference but we do. The potential DCME’s menstrual cycle will not equilibrate to yours digitally. Being in two places at one time suffices in the digital world as a substitute or imitation for many things; DCME…not so much.

Question 2: What happens when the first round of DCME does not get enough clinical results?

Answer: Put them on a second round without question. We have spoken before about putting people on wellness too early. Inevitably, a casualness sets in with lessening fees and making it more convenient or easier. Are we talking about marriage, parenting, or your office?