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The Sacred Relationship Experience is postponed


One of the traits of TNR members is patience. Lots of people, places (airports), and things have offered us resistance. We have a knowingness or certainty about us that when things are delayed, we trust there is a reason behind it, even if we can’t see it at the time. We have been prepared to seize opportunity with the mantra of all change or chaos is followed by massive growth. With all adversities, there is always opportunity or a silver lining. We have lived this over and over with all of our professional and personal adversities. There are 3 adventurous members that are swooping in to claim the now open SRE dates for Head-to-Heads. These dates are first come, first serve. If you are even thinking that you’ve gone way too long without training, schedule yours today!


Love Has No Color Fundraising news 

It’s baaack! The whole world is under house arrest, businesses have been slowed down to a crawl (non-Chiropractic), and everyone has had just about enough of the mass hysteria. One thing you can trust is that people will be generous for people that have it a whole lot worse. A case in point is after 9/11 charities boomed for the first time in decades. There was unity among people helping people. If there is a population devastated by this pandemic, it’s our families on the Fort Peck Reservation, as well as those on other Reservations.

This year we have a very narrow window to raise $50,000 since we have gotten a late start. We've past Memorial Day, next thing it’s the Fourth of July, and then, bam, we’re back on the Reservation. We will be sharing a letter from Kenny Smoker that you can share with your practice members and community. Keep an eye out for the email. It will help with your fundraising efforts. We have a non-TNR member who had traveled to the Reservation a few years back and is a strong supporter of Love Has No Color. She set up a fundraiser for Love Has No Color on Facebook in honor of her birthday and has raised over $600 in a few days. That was from 15 of her friends. We don’t discourage large donations but as we have seen, the micro-donations have the largest voice.

jungle gym

Practice tip of the week

Get a larger context to this mass hysteria. Pry yourself away from the familiar social programmers like the news, politically driven policies, authorities on the internet, etc. and read the book, The Plague of Corruption by Dr. Judy Mikovits. It is a newly released book that will give you a glimpse of just how big and corrupted this mess is and the trillions of dollars that will flow as a result of it. Most people have never heard anything about this corruption through the years and even if they had, they wouldn't believe it due to paradigm blindness. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TEACH THIS TO YOUR PRACTICE MEMBERS, FAMILIES, or FRIENDS. This is to increase your depth of belief in what you do, not comment on what the business medical model does to the supposed people they serve. Be for what you do, not against people that are destroying the planet. Profit in this medical system is the only motive that is valued. Science is not the problem, it’s the people who pay for the science to get the answers they need to sell their solutions. It's kind of like paying for an expert witness in a trial: you know what you’re getting. As a humanitarian, you can look at the trickle-down effect of faulty decisions to make a quick buck that history will document in the decades to come. Genetic mutation due to outside in cures is not a joke.


From the Mind of Miyagi


As crazy as this sounds, there has been a new shuffling of the deck of priorities in people’s lives. Who is important and who should be at the top of the food chain when it comes to income? Who is really essential in our society? It could be argued that some of the most invulnerable businesses and professions have been dethroned. Huge shrines or tombs and buildings to the seemingly wretched excess of the greed of business are being abandoned. Huge campuses are remaining tenantless and will be for the foreseeable future. Who would go through the bother of the monstrosity of the debt, payroll, utilities, maintenance, custodial expenses, and human resources? (Who needs human resources anymore, what kind of conflicts do you have on Zoom other than someone who forgot to mute?) How about professional athletes when nobody will come and see them showcase their talents until they have developed a chemical, outside-in cure? Musicians are in the same boat.

Do you realize it’s an unprecedented time in history for specially trained TNR members to fill the void with increased service to humanity? And the effect (not the cause) will be a much higher income. We will be like pro athletes or celebrities without the arrogance or self-importance. Instead of being a substitute or imitation, we are the real thing. So many people worship pro athletes and celebrities. If they’ve got a serious illness, they’re not going to call an athlete or a celebrity to get them out of jail. I never thought I would see the day when the political forces would hire celebrities to mouth the words and endorse the new, made up, deceptive policies. This strategy works to brainwash people since they will go along with whatever the pro athlete or celebrity says.

How can you practice Chiropractic without patient education? The answer is you can’t. Just look around at the carnage of DCs around you that got exposed. Instead of running away, hiding, or putting on a mask to silence a differing opinion of health (not disease), tell your people that receiving Chiropractic care on an ongoing basis is the most you can do for your family or society. PERIOD! If you think you can continue to struggle like many outside our group in the post-Corona era, you’re mistaken. You will be rendered obsolete. Look at all of the associates that were shown the door. They never thought they would be caught but they got exposed. Who could have predicted a viral holocaust that resembles mass destruction or biological warfare? There will only be room at the top for a very small group of DCs. As unusual as this sounds, to be a member of this club is completely based on merit, not who you know or how many social media likes you have. There is an underground vibe to it. Your relatives will ask if you are one of those special ops DCs or just a regular rank and file.

We have consistently seen DCs push the envelope with care plans with amazing elasticity after the Miyagi and DCME training. While a DC right down the street plods and grinds away after the $50 adjustment, we have doctors that are filling the recently voided celebrity and pro athlete category. This is where we belong. Personal bests, record collections, unheard of clinical results, and the amazing lifestyle that goes along with it are reserved for the few, not the many. If you are producing superior clinical results, why wouldn’t you want to be recognized as a specialist, not a generalist? Having a neurosurgeon teach kindergarten is never a good idea. It is a waste of resources, talent, etc. Having TNR doctors continue to work on the "kiddie pool" cases is the same thing. Can’t think of earning 7 figures a year consistently? You haven’t been in TNR long enough!

Think of the DCME level 2 recommendations as the vehicle or means of getting to this new destination. DCME was never created as an economic stimulus for DCs. Far from it. It’s a way of honoring the value of life and health. There are no simple solutions to health. Stop acting like a layperson searching for an instant cure. Each DCME case in your office will be adding to the tipping point of when specially trained DCs ascend to the recently vacated echelons of economics where people have been exposed as being non-essential. Every DCME case puts all of society on notice that there is a specialist that doesn’t shy away from the gnarly cases, the ones that have slipped through the cracks or have been given up on. DCs have always been about "by the people, for the people", giving the ‘little guy’ the recognition, and honoring all people without arrogance. It’s time to ascend to our true place in society.


Boot Camp/Fun Day news

Williston airport has just reopened with Delta service! We are going to refurbish a run-down, dumpy park (or two) and build swing sets, jungle gyms, BBQ pits, and whatever else we can come up with to encourage families to get out of isolation and unite in Native Pride. Education and awareness of health are at a premium on the Reservation. As harsh as all the ripples of house arrest, deceptive practices (masks, social distancing), and blatantly false reporting are, the Native population has been hit harder than we have. Just getting food is difficult. All administration on the Reservation has been stalled or suspended. Tensions, anger, and frustration are boiling over with good reason. If we have sufficient funds after the park project, we will be purchasing high quality, non-perishable food for at-risk seniors, kids, and other family units most severely affected.


DCME confidential


Question 1: I've been in TNR for only a year and it's still inconceivable to me that all DCs don’t get the same clinical results. It’s so hard to believe! Can you explain?

Answer: Surgeons, baseball players, hockey players, and football players all have batting averages or achievement levels. DCME is a way of being recognized for taking on the difficult cases, getting clinical results when others can’t or don’t, and the training it takes to become a once-in-a-lifetime DC.

Question 2: It’s been so long since our last training and I know you have spoken about it previously, but what do you do if there have been little or no clinical results with the first DCME recommendations?

Answer: Follow up with another round of DCME and another one after that if necessary. One of the mistakes that the majority in our profession do is rush to get the person on wellness fees. Don’t do it! This comes from a scarcity mindset and actually adversely affects clinical outcomes. Just lighten up with a person on track to losing weight or with an at-risk teen or young adult. You’ll wish you hadn’t!