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The Sacred Relationship Experience Seminar has been postponed

It’s official! It will be rescheduled for a later date. Both international and domestic flying have restrictive measures that are putting members at a disadvantage. Not since 9/11 has there been a cancellation or postponement of a training or speaking engagement.  


From the Mind of Miyagi


Are you wearing your mask yet?

Only once since 2000 has a TNR training or speaking engagement had to be canceled and that was right after 9/11. I didn’t think I would have to write this in my lifetime…but I was wrong. The Sacred Relationship Experience Seminar will be postponed due to the superstitious, mass hysteria. Since 1977 Renaissance has stood for excellence, high standards, and the courage to be contrarian and rebellious; in other words, the pathway of the warrior who stands high above the common, timid man/woman who is happy with less. TNR attracts and trains leaders, not followers. It is the hero’s journey to excellence that flies 180 degrees from accepted, Below the Line standards. A warrior is not a person who is violent towards others. Rather, a warrior is a person who conserves personal power by not being swept up by illusions, memes, factoids, or manufactured fear concepts of any kind. A person who understands that true freedom is a privilege, not a right, and needs to be demonstrated continually to protect and inspire those around them that have been swept away by the latest and best diversion or distraction from living a purposeful, authentic life. As TNR DCs we must stay in our lane and not attempt to be all things to all people.

As a high resonating TNR DC or ND, you always have to see the big picture instead of being distracted and sucked into the myopic, urgent demand of current events. The internet, media, and newscasts are the enforcers of this neo-reality. In contrast to this, to see ultra-successful TNR offices is a thing of beauty. They hug, kiss, and get adjusted frequently to stay HEALTHY. Through patient education, they explain the positive effect that ongoing adjustments have on the immune system. There are lots of photos on social media of obedient, medically-dominated DCs proudly wearing societal accepted official masks, surgical scrubs, and having hand sanitizers abound everywhere (the modern-day derivative of knocking on wood). Grocery stores are sold out of toilet tissue, bread, milk, and water. This article is not about restricting or judging DCs who want to be a crumb on the floor of the accepted medical mainstream, it’s about encouraging doctors who want to demonstrate their leadership, bravery, and courage. These warriors are not willing to abandon true Chiropractic in or out of adversity. They also are strong-willed enough to be ultra-successful and take on all comers. Staying in your lane is difficult during times of mass hysteria. Being a follower will not get the job done. If you don’t join the majority of low resonating people, they take it as an attack and will come at you with everything they have. This (and everything else that is communicated from authority figures, of course) is no joke to them as they don’t have the wherewithal, the resonation, or the platform of knowing what health truly is, nor the personal power. 

It’s never the individual disease, war, vaccination, enemy, pollution, or threat; it’s a galvanizing fear-mongering (collective consciousness) that keeps people (the masses) in line and easier to control for the powers to be. With vaccines, I’ve witnessed dozens of DCs agonize over the decision and caved when push came to shove. After all, who will find out? Some have agreed to accept the less poisonous vaccines as a compromise to stay married. Isn’t it a coincidence that the aggressive, antagonistic spouse is not the doctor, knows nothing about health, is not willing to listen, and tells their doctor spouse how it’s going to be? The doctor never believed in the vaccines but they were bullied into complying by fear of consequences (some spouses have even threatened to leave with the kids and report them to child services). Where have the warriors of Chiropractic gone? Once you slip in your stand for principles, you will fall for anything and be good for nothing.

Back in the day with AIDS, adjusting someone with active AIDS was frowned upon. The Chiropractic powers to be at the time recommended masks for facial protection and gloves. They also recommended sanitizing with Lysol after seeing the patient. We saw lots of people with AIDS, from newly infected to those who had been given the death sentence. There was no research on the effect of ongoing adjustments on the CD4 cell, but intuitively I knew fewer people would die and be ravaged by the effects of AIDS if I kept them under care. Believe it or not, I still had people that refused to pay or show up for their care and chose to die; and die they did. When faced with a choice of a board action or caring for a human life, I made my decision with a handful of other visionaries of the time. Most DCs avoided practice members with AIDS like the plague. Pardon the pun. This all eventually helped lead to the creation of a coaching program, DCMEs, and Love Has No Color.    

If you only knew deep in your heart that almost everybody you will ever meet knows nothing about health (only disease), you would never have a problem in your office. Your office would be overflowing with high-quality individuals and families with little or no interference from insurance companies. Your practice would reflect your dreams, not a handed down vision from allopathic influences: billing software, sharing space with other low resonation DCs, bright shiny objects, lost faith in Chiropractic being anything but a short-term therapy for sprains and strains of the back and neck, outside in cures, online and offline marketing solutions for more low-quality new patients, ad nauseum.

Go back to the Y2K phenomenon and when the clock struck 12: there was no apocalypse. In fact, there was no anything. Imagine all of those geniuses saying the world will end and then it didn’t. How about all of those devotees that were brainwashed into actually taking their lives? Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid. We now see even religion kneeling and bowing at the altar of science and technology. You can’t pray in public anymore, at least in Boston. Schools are closed for 6 weeks to worship and validate this mass hysteria. All of those analytical minds, that so many people in our society believe are the highest benchmark, see the true limitations of analytical thought. The best solution they are capable of is mass hysteria, panic, and fear-mongering.

A historical note: during the plague in London, the largest traffic jam was created by horse and carriages of two distinct classes of society, the clergy and medical people, all beating a hasty retreat and leaving the dying people to deal with the plague as best they could. The separation of church and state has flip-flopped. Last time I checked, religion had started centuries before what we call science; but, boy are the roles reversed today. Spirit and religion used to be a large part of people’s lives, especially indigenous people. Apparently it’s not strong enough to deal with modern issues. It’s been nearly wiped out.  Today, it’s science with its geopolitical (profit, power, enemies, countries, corporate) Gestapo-like tyranny of people who meekly and obediently accept its mandates.   

My mother regained her freedom and returned to her Cape Cod residence after a 7-week convalescence at various kids’ houses. Over the years I have seen my wife care for children, elderly, DCMEs, and Canadians. She is like a Mother Theresa: kind and caring, inspirational and motivator, eternally optimistic, and loyal to the core. My mother was effusive in her praise of Dr. Julie and how she really got to see who she is and what she stands for. Not in an hour or two visits, like holiday visits, but by spending 24 hours a day at our house for weeks and really sensing the vibe of a home dedicated to helping others in need (a rarity with today’s superficial, censored beliefs and commitment disabilities). I added that Dr. Julie is a Hachi in a Hachiless world. 

In a world that is obsessed with technology that refuses to acknowledge its limitations, you need to stay in your lane and open your mouths about Chiropractic. Stop letting others tell you who you are or what Chiropractic is. Watering down Chiropractic doesn’t serve anybody. Attempting to be popular at the expense of truth is a terrible idea. There is never a wrong time to do the right thing. Leadership is needed. We don’t need more fear-mongering or intimidating people who meekly accept disease without ever realizing the solution is not more technology, research, or drugs.  

Superstition, fundamentalism, and scare tactics are never a substitute for GOOD HEALTH. We’ve seen this throughout history and now is no exception. Keep your tribe healthy, that’s your mission. One of our larger offices is being bullied online because of the number of people they see. If there ever was another reason to be big, strong, and mighty, it’s here and now. Represent TNR proudly. Be a leader and don’t fight against the resistance. Be for health, not against disease. Demonstrate to the people who have open minds instead of being used, ignored, or made fun of by people who refuse to accept the true identity of Chiropractic.


Practice tip of the week

Be a leader, not a follower. How easy do you accept the word NO? How will you act in the mass hysteria? Panic is not an option. Will you don a mask, put hand sanitizers in every room, and go along obediently and voluntarily with concepts that are not only deadly to society but your practice as well. Will you be a part of the problem or a part of the solution? Don’t fight against ignorance and wail and gnash your teeth about politics, medicine, religion, etc.  

The bigger and more stable your office is, the more galvanizing mass hysteria becomes in it. They look to you for answers, solutions, and reassurance; not bitching and complaining like the water cooler gang. If there was ever a time to grow and to really serve people, there’s not a time like the present.


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One of the things I remember most about my journey and the journey current warriors are making is the drinking of the Kool-Aid. In other words, I couldn’t get enough of the TNR philosophy, the practical applications, and the community. Whenever you hear a message from TNR, you hear it only at your resonation level. It’s different for everybody. The higher level you are, the more you hear. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I thought my mentor, Dr. Joe Flesia, went back somehow and changed the Passion cassette tapes. I thought he inserted words that I didn’t hear before, like transformation, leadership, not accepting no for an answer, personal power, etc. When my resonation level changed I was able to embrace these concepts.


Love Has No Color news

Airlines are now fighting for your business. If you know you are going to the Reservation this summer, score your tickets now if the price is right. You could save hundreds or even thousands if you’re bringing a gang. What a gift to VIP practice members!


DCME confidential


Question 1: What should I do with a small child when they are throwing a nutty in my office?  

Answer: Let's speak about the rules first. It’s not your job to restrain a kid. It’s the parents’ responsibility. A little crying, fussing, or defiance is okay, but physically putting yourself in harm's way is not okay. It’s the responsibility of the parent. How many of you have been caught by an elbow to the privates, midsection, or the face? It’s not pleasant. This is not a hospital or psych ward where force is used on a continual basis.  

Question 2: I keep getting play-by-play texts from the mother of a 16-year old patient and they come late at night. What should I do?  

Answer: Put a stop to them. Simply tell the mother they are not helping and to desist. She can check in with you on visits, but the play-by-play texts have to be stopped.


Dr. Lizzie’s Concentric Circles and Baseline Assessment

Dr. Lizzie shared with us the beautifully done concentric circles and baseline assessments she has hanging around her office! This is a perfect way for new patients and parents to learn more about bringing their kids to the office for care. Everyone should think about having these made!