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Editor’s note:  If there was a time to stay close to TNR, it's now. These are your sources for certainty in uncertain times: weekly coaching call times plus additional calls if needed, TNR Facebook live, TNR podcasts, Dr. Kevin's written articles, and TNR Happenings. Lean on me, it’s what I'm here for. I won’t let you down. Listening to amateurs, fear mongers, relics from the past, social media self-proclaimed authorities, or Below the Line people just won’t help and it won’t get the job done. Don’t get sucked into the mass hysteria of people that don’t know anything about a certain virus or much about anything else. Step up in a big way and serve to the best of your ability.


Opportunity or Adversity?

For nearly four decades I have been witness to the ebbs and flow of Chiropractic and beyond. I have a historic and leadership perspective from experiencing and seeing many different things over the years: economic recessions, stroke hoaxes, 9/11, licensing issues, Federal Trade Commissions assertion of restricting educational materials and the right to voice those beliefs in meetings (hashtag Dr. Tedd Koren), insurance exclusion, crazy interest rates, and regulatory board witch hunts of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We will get through this together or it will further fractionalize and marginalize Chiropractors. The consequence of acting Below the Line will be that our sacred gift will be denied to the world. Only we have a say in this, not others who don’t know or don’t care. When this hysteria dies down, the people we don’t serve will be nowhere. They will have the same resonation (maybe lower), the same fears about disease, and they will be no healthier: no Healthier People create a Healthier World. We can call attention to all the partisan workings of politics but we are facing the same fight within our ranks. Are we men and women standing before the divine or are we weak, marginalized, confused, scared obedient children waiting for authoritative parents to tell us what is important, how to behave, and how we should think?

Slavery exists and is all around us, although invisible to many. It’s not as easy as skin color or physical appearance; it’s more sophisticated, devious, and hidden in plain sight. It’s not enforced with violence or chains; rather it’s a wet blanket thrown around everything to get everyone in line with the correct thinking. Laws, threats, fines, incarceration, social shaming, and social distancing are all enforcers to keep the mass hysteria alive. 10 years imprisonment and a $750,000 fine for a Naturopath in Manitoba to keep her doors closed to helping people. It seems like excessive force is being used. All medical offices are allowed to operate as they see fit. How can this inequality exist today? And it’s not going to stay in the North Country. NDs and DCs are being grouped in the same non-essential category as a dentist, eye doctor, podiatrist, and hairdresser?

Don’t become a spokesperson for something that you and others didn’t know anything about just a few months back. Stay in your lane! Be an expert in what you do, not what you don’t do! Use your common sense and then go above and beyond common sense. Don’t get sucked in by the mass hysteria. You’re a Chiropractor, serve your people well.

If you’re a musculoskeletal person only, stick in your lane and serve people who are in need. Serve people to the best of your abilities with your limited belief and understanding of Chiropractic; don’t make fun of, speak out against, or attack DCs who have a greater ability level, understanding, and belief. An analogy: if you find yourself overweight despite your efforts, don’t say it can’t be done, say YOU can’t do it. Leave that opening for people of courage or determination to create a different reality. Use humility instead of arrogance, thinking that you know everything.

If you are a DC with a larger belief and understanding of Chiropractic, you know all too well about the overall health benefits above and beyond pain relief only. Don’t make fun of limited believers and DCs who don’t understand as much as you do. They are terrified and confused. We are all brothers and sisters. We will get through this together.

All of the contestants on American Idol have great voices. But nerves, panic, and low confidence during adversity sabotage the efforts of some of these contestants. It’s not that they can’t sing; rather, they are looking at this opportunity as an adversity. The world gets deprived of great voices because of their mental conditioning and self-image. What a waste and what a shame.

There is nothing wrong with the services we DCs provide. Politicians and government officials don’t see it that way. Chiropractic was not discovered in 1895 to combat viruses or diseases that weren’t invented yet. Stand up for what you believe, your gift is sacred indeed. Stay in your lane!


From the Mind of Miyagi 


Certainty in Uncertain Times

Mass hysteria is in full bloom. Societies that are rooted only in disease, its prevention, and cures tend to act this way. You can’t blame people; they are doing the best they can in uncertain times. They are terrified and confused. They don’t know any better. That’s where we come in.

The offices that have created great emotional connections and educated their people have leadership roles in their practice members' lives. They look up to their Chiropractors and know what is best for their families. They understand at a deep and profound level that Chiropractic is a lot more than back and neck pain.

Adversity always seems to expose DCs that are truly all in and DCs that are conditional to external factors. Historically with the challenges we have faced inside and outside of our profession (economic recessions, 9/11, licensing issues, Federal Trade Commissions assertion of restricting educational materials and the right to voice those beliefs in meetings), DCs that are fierce and non-wavering in the face of adversity see opportunity where others are ready to cave.

If there was ever a time to be there for your people, it’s now. By closing your office or restricting your service to others, you will not help people to become healthier. You become part of the problem. Be a leader and share certainty with your practice members. This is our time to shine as a profession, not to join the ranks of the terrified and confused.    

I wrote an article almost a decade ago for the Chiropractic Journal, which was the largest source of influence in this profession for many years. What a perfect time for you to hear it. I hope it inspires you today as it did almost 10 years ago. It was entitled, “What Price for Freedom?” This is the article:

“Now that it’s been a few months after the Fourth of July holiday, ask yourself, with freedom secured for me by my forefathers in Chiropractic, do I practice the way I want to or the way that society wants me to? That’s quite a question, and most of us will answer the latter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t fight for a practice that isn’t a true reflection of your talents or your philosophy.

Our profession’s freedom was secured by those who were willing to go to jail for the right to practice Chiropractic. They knew Chiropractic was right long before there was science to validate their claims. They wouldn’t wait; people’s lives were at stake. That’s the way it has been throughout history. Philosophy and beliefs come first, then science comes along to validate what was already true, not the other way around.

Consider our nation’s freedom, coming at the price of soldiers fighting for it. Soldiers have a life that includes spouses, families, and jobs, yet this is all interrupted (sometimes permanently) to secure and maintain freedom for all, not just themselves. That’s judged by many as too much of a price to pay, to secure freedom by the bloodshed of others. Yet, while some believe in the cause of the war or conflict and some do not, they both can agree with their belief in freedom. 

There was an article published recently about a DC who lamented that his practice was inconveniencing him and taking too many hours away from family and hobbies. He takes his freedom for granted and doesn’t appear to make much use of it. His practice reflects a politically correct office like the one on the sitcom, 'Two and a Half Men.' It looks like a medical office, smells like a medical office, and yet reeks of a loss of freedom.

Benjamin Franklin opined in 1744: 'Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.' It takes courage for DCs to wave their freedom flag daily: subluxation, an appreciation and respect for Innate Intelligence instead of the dogmatic and obedient worship of science; true wellness for sick or well people-regardless of age, skin color, or religious affiliation. Practicing the way you want to is not for the faint of heart, the weak, the politically correct, or for DCs who take their freedom for granted.

Freedom taken for granted will be taken away. Do you whisper the ‘S’ word around your office? Do you have the courage to have a weekly Health Awareness Seminar that people actually attend? Imagine the retention and referral rate you will have in uncertain times like these if your people were educated instead of being completely ignorant of health.  Do you offer care to children and infants as an ‘off menu’ item or is it part of your procedures?

For many DCs reading this, seeing children is either not happening in your office or not happening with great enough frequency. 'Sure, I adjust my own kids,' you say, 'but people in my town aren’t interested in health for their children.' Or is it that you’ve tried patient education, experienced some rejection and resistance, and then quit? Most DCs want to see more children, but they don’t have the confidence, communication skills, or a complete system of education to make this a reality. If you need help or guidance, I’m here for you.

Stop watering Chiropractic down. Celebrate freedom in your office with office procedures and patient education that works to communicate Chiropractic’s true identity. Take a stand for Chiropractic and stand before people in truth. You know intellectually that VSC has no gender or age but you don’t practice this way. Expand your scope from only musculoskeletal to include everybody, sick or well. Practice the way you were trained to practice and had a dream for.

Don’t just celebrate freedom on holidays or yearn for it only when adversity strikes. Like a muscle, it has to be used continually. Live it daily. Stop allowing society to tell you how to practice. The DC on Two and a Half Men resonates with so many people because he reminds them of their Chiropractor. Poverty, drama, relationship problems, he’s spineless, no economic or social freedom…everyone knows Allan the Chiropractor. By laughing at him and his lack of courage, it makes us feel better about our lives.

Freedom comes at a price. It takes courage to speak in opposition to the majority view on health. Yet, every time you hold your tongue, nod your head and understand when they can’t come in 3 times a week, or why they can’t afford it, you’re renouncing your freedom and right to practice removing subluxation. All ages, all conditions, all skin colors, all religions.

Wellness is the forward evolution of humankind. We hold a sacred trust to leave this world a lot better place than when we entered it. Be certain in uncertain times."


Love Has No Color news 

Here is a portion of a letter Kenny Smoker wrote five years ago:

“First comes prayer, then faith or believing the prayer is heard. Then waiting for it to happen, which further instills hope when it does. When things seem bleak, we’ll often turn to prayer when it is all we have left. That is what happened over ten years ago when we met Kr. Kevin, an encounter that cannot be explained as coincidence. Over the years he has become like a brother and is someone who will put his heart into whatever you may ask of him. I often say that he and the people with Love Has NO Color are an answered prayer, bringing hope to our children and communities. This commitment by my friends is unparalleled by anything that I have ever been a part of. It goes to show what prayer can do even in the most windswept barren land (as described by a recent writer describing our community) with all the negative issues surrounding us. This Partnership with LHNC is a miracle in the fact that it brings life to me and others. While we still breathe we must be responsible to fight for others. We believe that everyone has something good to offer: a gift given by the Creator and it must come full circle. We cannot be selfish with the gift, we need to share it with others so they may benefit from it as well. The LHNC group shares their many talents with our children, providing experiences that they may not have had otherwise, bringing hope, excitement, and love.  While they may not realize it, our ten values are what LHNC lives by, I’ve seen it. What a MIRACLE.”


To established and yet to be established members

We have four current members who are starting up. To many, this would appear like an uphill battle. Although they don’t enjoy the resistance, our members understand that nothing great was achieved without resistance and persistence. Of the superstars I have had the honor and privilege to coach over the decades, those who faced personal or professional adversity from the beginning kept their purpose and passion for long periods of time. If something is too easy, one can be assured that it will not change the world, only an individual. 

My son, Derrick started his professional hockey career with an NHL lockout (a work shortage) and didn’t ultimately achieve his goal of playing at the NHL level. He enjoyed multiple seasons in pro hockey in the minor leagues and doesn’t blame anything on anyone. His opportunity was then and he took it and went as far as he could. Now he is opening his Chiropractic practice in a lockout. This is déjà vu for him. Difficult yes. Others would and have taken the easier path via associateship. He is pining to get started and seize his opportunity: no ifs, buts, or ands.     

My wife and I started our practice amidst gas rationing, interest rates that would give you a nosebleed, and having rental people not rent space to us because of the type of doctors we were. I also hitch-hiked to Chiropractic school every day for 2 semesters. We didn’t look at these things as adversities; it was the way it was. We knew it wasn’t going to be permanent and we were willing to do the work instead of doing the predictable of doing something easier, more convenient, etc. Failure is never an option.


There has never been a greater need to coach!

I have had the great honor of coaching over 1,000 members in 20 years. In this time, I have helped resolve every type of conflict from board issues to IRS issues, health issues, marriage issues, social services issues, legal issues, and everything else in between. I have also coached a few members who are not among the living anymore. Each one of them that knew beforehand wanted to go it alone and face their terminal problems. It’s not as you may think and only a guy thing, girls also fall prey to this socially programmed acceptance of failure. I would always remind them that there are no substitutes for having someone with wisdom in their corner in times of adversity. Your current dilemma will expose you as to having no experience in the solution. Like the man who could build a hockey rink but not the functional ice surface, if you go back to your thinking pre-TNR, you will fail. Looking for free videos on YouTube separates the amateur from the once-in-a-lifetime DC. I should know: many times with my mentoring, I thought I knew more and better than Dr. Joe. Looking back at it now, it’s laughable.

If you know of someone who is at the end of their proverbial rope, let them know about TNR. We are looking to expand our membership with quality DCs who are truly connected to people and love to serve. There is hope, especially in times of uncertainty and mass hysteria. We can’t lose even one DC who allows a terrified and confused society to get them to give up their sacred gift. They need a safe harbor, an oasis to protect them and build back their strength.


DCME confidential


Question 1: I have a potential DCME that is asking about social distancing and if it’s safe to be in my office. How do I respond?

Answer: Face-to-face, you explain that they need to be here in your office now, not when the hysteria dies down. Do not do this on social media. There’s a reason for this: you are not hiding, you are protecting yourself from a vicious, shaming society that is looking for targets.

Question 2: I can’t keep off of social media and I keep hearing the words essential and non-essential. Are we essential? 

Answer: Get out a bar of ivory soap and put it in your mouth. Kind of like a hand sanitizer for your brain. The whole world groups us in with non-essential foot doctors, teeth doctors, hairdressers, etc. Essential doctors save lives and create lasting quantum changes in health.