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The Sacred Relationship Experience questionnaires have been sent!

Those attending are in for a treat! You’re going to love it! As usual, it’s completely outside of the box. You probably have not heard of these concepts anywhere else. There are no plans right now for having another one of these seminars, just like the 7-Figure Academy was offered only every 5-7 years. Remember, these training events are what make TNR unique in our profession. The coaching calls connect us between our training events, not the other way around. Some of the things you are doing that none of your colleagues are doing is having a Health Awareness Seminar and using the Baseline Assessment, Concentric Circles, 2 Levels of Recommendations, and the 21-Day DCME Video Program. These tools, ideas, and concepts are as cutting edge as they get. When you first start in TNR it is easy to think that it's just another coaching program. Only after being in the program do you realize how different TNR really is. When I started with my mentor, Dr. Joe Flesia, I thought he had peers like him that were doing similar things that I just didn’t know about. As I matured, I knew I had a once-in-a-lifetime mentor who had no peers like him. The Sacred Relationship Experience is an initiation to becoming the DC and person you always wanted to become. Almost every person who has coached in TNR who has had previous coaching experiences say that they pale in comparison to having a Miyagi in your corner who not only has the chops to stand up to your bullies but also cares about each and every member. 


Practice tip of the week

Don’t lose your way with personal issues. All of us will be dragged into personal dilemmas, some of them our choosing (fault) and others decidedly not. Compartmentalize these and show up at your practice with your bright-eyed and bushy-tailed high-resonation. A warrior is able to function in spite of being asked to untangle knots (a reference to the book, The Courage to Be Disliked). Most of the time your life will have invasions of some type including relationship strain, financial issues, IRS tyranny, kids' stuff, addiction, sickness, aging parents, or brothers and sisters in various states of mayhem. When my daughter, Kiley Glenn, only lived for 17 days, our practice was an oasis, and a rejuvenation for our spirits, helping others so they would not have to endure a tragedy like ours. As important they are to you, your problems aren’t important to your people. Like a rescue dog, give your best always, regardless of the circumstances.       

From the Mind of Miyagi


In the future, each of you will be thrust into the role of helping aging parents unless they have passed on. Up to this point, my hearty mother at 86 is showing some signs of rust. I noticed a Grand Canyon of difference when it comes to the ideas of care from my lower resonating siblings. Their socially conditioned concepts of disease (health) were the same as me until I made the hero’s journey. There was a toxic mix of human resources, stand for nothing, everything said has to be politically correct and measured not to offend anyone, and a nurse without the experience of a single patient. Imagine yourself sitting with people that don’t know what they don’t know. A concept like if insurance doesn’t cover the care choice stopped them cold. The idea of paying for something outside of insurance paralyzes them. My wife mentioned that we needed to have a second opinion. This was followed by the whining, impotent wailing, and wringing of their hands about how we were going to find a good MD we could trust. They think the MD that is poisoning her is okay, just let things be as they are. My wife and I don’t so we said we would find one. Dr. Julie to the rescue. She asked our son-in-law, Dr. Cliff, if he knows of one. He responded, "You’re in luck, I had a medical emergency and she was great. She started her own cash practice at the same time as ours. She is great; your mother will love her! She doesn’t wear a white jacket or surgical scrubs." Do you think you are the only one to write a biography, think again? My mother asked tongue-in-cheek if I coach her? This is what is on her website:

During Dr. M’s surgery rotation, she saw a patient in clinic with a severe diabetic foot infection. It was her job that day to deal with his foot, possibly planning for amputation. He had no primary doctor to manage his poorly controlled diabetes, which didn’t sit well with her. It was suddenly clear that what she wanted to do was to care for the whole patient. She found the educational role incredibly fulfilling, but the hospital setting left something to be desired: a long-term relationship with patients. After a few years building up a complex and interesting panel of patients she cared for deeply, Dr. M felt crushed by the increasing administrative tasks making it seem impossible to do justice to medical practice while upholding the priority of her family, that is until she discovered Direct Primary Care. Dr. M is well known for turning off the clock when she enters an exam room. This method does not mix well with the burn and churn pace of the traditional primary care system. Looking patients in the eye and connecting with the full story surrounding an injury or illness are the hallmarks of how she approaches diagnosis and management. She feels education is a much more powerful therapeutic tool than are prescriptions, and teaches at every opportunity, considering patients to be here students now. She also keeps her passion for music alive by singing and playing the guitar at local Open Mics from time to time, but her first and last passions by far and away are her husband and two energetic sons.

Do you know an associate?

We are beginning to wrap up our 30-Days of Free Coaching and we are asking all of our members to put out a social media shout to your contacts. Some of our members have had one-on-one, old school communication to people who would benefit from being in TNR. The frigid, dark, shark-infested waters of associateships are well documented. I believe with all of my heart, they are ill-prepared, scared, and have nobody in their corner. They have the skill and the drive, but they don’t have the container to be successful. Put a shout out to an associate, give them a lifeline. Last call this year!

Know how vs. technology

The battle rages on! Technology sparkles and hypnotizes people into thinking it is a panacea. It isn’t and it isn’t designed to be. No matter what sector of the galaxy you reside in, technology is coming your way. It opens any door in a digital society and invades all businesses, concepts, and beliefs. Look at all the technological applications in war. The one thing it can’t do is to make itself obsolete by stopping war. Interesting isn’t it. There are apps that can track people, yet human trafficking still is an accepted part of our culture. When technology attempts to do high resonating work, it under-delivers and over promises. Everyone has heard of dating apps, yet their failure rates remain constant. There is a new smoker’s app, a weight loss app, etc. and yet lots of business (money changing hands) is exchanged for more of the same, just with expensive packaging. I was sitting in a restaurant with a private DCME case and he just couldn’t get the ketchup to come out of the bottle. He wanted to tip the bottle upside down to drain it out instead of the know-how of sticking a clean knife into it and spoon it out. He was willing to go without because he simply didn’t have the know-how. We spoke at length of the man who could build a skating rink, but couldn’t make the functional part of the rink operational…the ice!

There is way, way too much focus on software billing, compliance issues, etc. in Chiropractic. Keep your focus on practice members and growth. High touch and know-how. If you think you need more current software, do your due diligence. Decide which one best fits your needs and do not be sucked into thinking that the software will rain new patients or tell you how to retain practice members. Keep your focus on high touch know-how with some high tech, not the other way around.

DCME confidential


Question 1: One of my practice members has a friend who really needs my help, but his parents (he’s a minor) will not invest in his life. What should I do? 

Answer: Get another DCME that will. The world is full of people who need help. The ones you are allowed to help want help and are willing to do whatever it takes.

Question 2: What if a DCME is in your office and ready to pre-pay when the spouse says I need to pray on this for the next 16 days? 

Answer: You just got played. Easy now people of faith, hear me out. The God card is no different than the race card, the poverty card, the single mother card, fixed income card, etc. They are seeing if you are okay with it. Don’t be. I have helped every faith, even the ones who emphasize the Sabbath, and their jaws drop with care on Sunday’s as well. Have a saying: If the disease took a day off for a holiday, so will I. They need to make the decision now, not later, with supposed voices that validate them for more stalling.