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The Doctor, The Leader

  I’m a really good clinician. I associated for almost 3 years before going out on my own. I’ve got a good location, a nice pair of CA’s, and I graduated in the top 10% of my class…but practice growth has been real slow. People say they love my adjustments; I spend lots of time…

Why does my practice have to be so difficult?

Has something deep inside of you died? Is there a  piece of you that is always on alert and anxious? Is the fear of the unknown always there so you are never at ease or in the present moment? Do you feel like your world is falling apart and no one knows what you’re going…

That Awkward Moment…

  You’re on a mission to complete a specific home improvement over the weekend. You’ve hit the big box store with a list of the needed supplies on your smartphone. You’ve got this thing! A handsome, energetic 40ish guy is helping you with your list and he seems somewhat out of place. He has the…

Are you a one hit wonder DC?

You’re conducting a case history and you are really getting excited because this is a big case. This new patient has been to all kinds of doctors, received all kinds of diagnoses and treatment, but still hasn’t slept soundly for 9 years. His lack of sleep is ruining his life and he looks 10 years…

The Link Between Social Cause and Massive Growth

It feels like now more than ever, people of all ages base many of their decisions and actions on whether or not a greater good can come from that choice. We see it on social media when someone donates to a stranger’s GoFundMe page. We see it around the holiday season when someone digs into…

2018 = Your Personal Best

  You can do this!   Millennials and Gen X’s will not respond to the outdated model of Chiropractic any more than they are willing to use a mobile, shoebox-sized phone of the 90’s.   The New Year is always the time of reflection and introspection.  Have you ever considered that slaving away at an…

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