Mr. Miyagi Seminar - MA
May 18th & 19th


What’s More Important Than New Patients?

You just had a no-show new patient appointment and another patient failed to show up for their recommendations.  They didn’t even have the decency to call or text…they just bailed.   This isn’t the first time this has happened, and in the lateral recesses of your mind, you don’t even question this.  You think to yourself…

The real reason your patient bailed!

The examination went well enough, the patient appeared to be enthusiastic, wanted some much needed help and uttered the immortal words “I’ll do whatever it takes”.  From your x-rays and examination, there is plenty of reason for their current condition.  You know you can help her.  You’ve prepared a great Report of Findings, great recommendations…

What’s The #1 Problem, You’ll Be Surprised!

Conventional wisdom mandates that new patients are the solution for all that ails your office…but is it really?  New patients are the lifeblood of all offices, certainly, but are there other critical factors you’re not looking at?   Try this simple test; look in your electronic records or paper files at all the patients who have…

You cannot correct what you cannot see.

From a very early age, you sure didn’t like taking anybody’s advice. You like to do things your way…even if it doesn’t produce results! The truth is, most of us are like that. From practices to marriages and parenting, we always decide things for ourselves. The result? Your practice may not be reflecting your true talents…

“Arrogance? Ignorance? What’s the difference?”

  You went to school for so many years.  You were dedicated and focused, and as a result, you really know your stuff.  That, paired with your over the top tech-savvy office, software, and new fancy equipment should warrant success in every meaning of the word….right?  Your reality, however, is filled with patients that treat you…

How DCs Get Patients Beyond Pain Relief:

The door opens and nobody comes in for a full 3 seconds. Finally, a guy slowly shuffles into your office with a permanent grimace painted on his face. He is physically contorted into an S shape. He is in acute pain, can hardly move and he’s your next new patient. All he can talk about…

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